Severe burn injuries can result in lengthy, painful periods of rehabilitation that may require multiple surgeries to treat. Even then, scarring and disfigurement may persist, along with other permanent impairments. If the negligence of others caused an accident that resulted in burn injuries, you should consult an Omaha burn injury lawyer.

In the aftermath of a catastrophic accident, you may be uncertain of your legal rights. An experienced injury lawyer from Berry Law could evaluate your situation and advise you of your legal options. This information can put you in a better position to make the right decisions about your case.

Accidents that May Lead to Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can result from exposure to fire, steam, hot materials, devices, substances, and chemicals. Various situations can lead to burn injuries, but many of these incidents are preventable. As a result, negligence may play a large role in accidents causing burn injuries. Some of the most common accidents that may result in these injuries include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Defectively designed or manufactured consumer products
  • Businesses with inadequate sprinkler systems or emergency exits
  • Workplace explosions and chemical exposure

The distracted or reckless driving of a motorist or a poorly engineered consumer product can easily lead to accidents involving burn injuries. In these situations, the negligent parties may be responsible or liable for any damages that occur.

Classifications of Injuries

Burns vary widely in severity. However, even less severe burns can cause significant impairment and trauma if they cover a substantial portion of the body.

Mild burns, or first-degree burns, typically only affect the outermost layers of skin and usually result in redness and swelling. Second-degree burns, however, begin to impact layers of skin located below the outer layer of skin, which often results in discoloration and blistering. The most severe burns, or third-degree burns, affect all layers of the skin, producing numbness and blackened skin.

In the most drastic cases, the individual may require skin grafts. A burn injury lawyer in Omaha could help injury victims fight for compensation.

Negligence and Comparative Fault in Omaha

When negligent individuals or entities cause accidents leading to burns and other catastrophic injuries, the injured party has the right to seek compensation from them. Generally, negligence occurs when parties fail to live up to the standard that a reasonable person would exercise in a similar situation. When careless disregard for the safety of others results in an injury, the legal system can hold negligent individuals and companies liable.

In some cases, however, injury victims may share some blame for the accident that resulted in their injuries. When this situation occurs, a person still may be able to seek damages from other negligent parties, at least on a limited basis. Injured parties who are less than 50 percent responsible for the accident are free to file personal injury claims for damages related to their injuries.

The only restriction on these comparative negligence claims is the degree to which a person can recover his or her total amount of damages. Under these circumstances, individuals are limited to recovering the percentage of their total damages attributable to  the other parties negligence.

Call an Omaha Burn Injury Attorney for Assistance

Burn injuries can result in extreme pain and often require multiple surgeries to repair, in addition to extensive rehabilitation. An Omaha burn injury lawyer could represent your interests and fight on your behalf. To schedule a consultation with an injury lawyer and learn more, call Berry Law today.

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