It is reasonable to expect that when we make the difficult decision to move a loved one into a nursing facility, they will receive the highest level of skilled care. Sadly, nursing homes in Omaha and throughout Nebraska may neglect or abuse their residents. This can take the form of improper dietary plans, a failure to provide proper medications, not properly supervising residents, or even intentional harm.

An Omaha nursing home abuse lawyer could help residents and their family members substantiate allegations of nursing home abuse. The dedicated team of injury lawyers at Berry Law can then work to file claims for damages and demand compensation.

Obligations of Assisted Living Facilities in Omaha

All nursing homes in Nebraska have a duty to protect the wellbeing of their residents. This includes a duty to care for their medical needs, but also their physical wellbeing, mental health, and dietary needs. In fact, the state published a list of nursing home resident rights that includes the rights of residents to:

  • Choose a plan of care
  • Choose their own doctors
  • Be free from restraints
  • Have access to a telephone and other methods of communication
  • Live in a clean and safe environment

Any failure on the part of the nursing home to follow these rules may indicate abuse. If a violation of these rights resulted in a physical injury, the resident and their family has the right to demand compensation.

Common Examples of Nursing Home Abuses and Injuries

Nursing homes are in a unique position as caregivers. Much like hospitals, they must care for the physical and mental health of their patients. However, in addition, they have an obligation to provide a comfortable living situation. A large part of this is having adequate safety equipment in place.

Residents of nursing homes are likely in a frail physical condition. To help them move around, there should be handrails in corridors as well as in bedrooms and bathrooms. A failure to provide these items can cause slip and falls that can result in broken bones, separated joints, and concussions.

Injuries can also result from negligent staff, especially when residents are stuck in bed and must be cared for consistently. Failures to move these patients regularly can result in bedsores and other health issues.

Finally, many nursing homes fail to properly perform background checks on their employees. This can result in people being placed into caregiver roles who have a criminal background or who do not have enough experience. If this is the case and a staff member harms a resident, the nursing home may have civil liability for negligent hiring practices.

Let an Omaha Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Help

A failure on the part of a nursing home to provide a safe living space can result in serious injuries. In addition, the staff members of these facilities can neglect to care for the needs of their patients or engage in outright abuse.

Whenever this is the case, a resident and their family have the right to demand compensation. This compensation can be used to pay for the medical costs associated with the injury as well as to provide payments for any mental anguish endured in the incident. Contact an Omaha nursing home abuse lawyer today to discuss your rights.

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