Swimming pools are a welcome distraction from the summer heat in Omaha. Despite the enjoyment that typically accompanies spending time with your family at the pool, there are also serious safety risks to consider. A drowning incident can be a catastrophic or fatal accident. Even if the pool is empty, there is a risk of falling.

In either scenario, a hard-working property accident attorney can assist you in pursuing monetary compensation through a civil claim. An Omaha swimming pool accident lawyer can work with you to hold the responsible parties accountable. Hiring a committed attorney at Berry Law could prove important in receiving the full compensation you are entitled to.

Common Types of Swimming Pool Accidents

Pool accidents come in many different forms, and our attorneys in Omaha can advise you on how to pursue your claim, depending on the circumstances. Falls, drownings, and suction accidents are common types of injuries that a dedicated trial lawyer can help you seek compensation for .


There are many ways someone could fall in or around a pool. The area surrounding swimming pools are typically wet, making it easy to slip. The risk of slipping accidents may increase depending on the types of tiles or stones surrounding the edge. A property owner that installs dangerous flooring could potentially bear liability.

Falls are also common in cases where a pool is empty or abandoned. A property owner should protect their guests from falling into these pools by covering them.

Drowning or Near-Drowning

Some of the worst pool-related injuries result from drowning and near-drowning accidents. These incidents are often fatal, and even if you survive, the experience may alter your life forever.

Suction Accidents

Most pools have complex filtration systems that draw water out of the pool and clean it before returning it. In some cases, the filter design can cause a swimmer to get caught in the suction, resulting in serious bodily injuries.

Attractive Nuisance Laws in Omaha

Children are especially susceptible to injury or death in pool accidents. Many minors are unable to swim, while others are not strong enough swimmers to stay afloat in deep water. Children are also easily intrigued. A child might wander near an abandoned pool and fall in.

Premises liability laws typically do not provide trespassers with the ability to pursue personal injury claims. However, the attractive nuisance law, which only applies to minors, is a unique exception. Any accident related to structures or objects on a person’s property that could attract children can result in an accident claim, even if the child was trespassing.

Unlike adults, many children cannot recognize the inherent risks that come with a swimming pool. They are also more likely than adults to trespass on another’s property to interact with an attractive nuisance. For that reason, property owners owe children a duty of care even when they are trespassing. A skilled trial lawyer at Berry Law can help you pursue a pool accident claim for your child under this legal theory.

Consult with an Omaha Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

Swimming pool accidents often cause devastating injuries. If the property owner failed to protect your or your child, you might have a valid claim.

An Omaha swimming pool accident lawyer can work with you to build a strong case. Call Berry Law right away to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

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