All visitors to other peoples’ land have the right to expect that they will be kept safe. This is because property owners have a legal duty to protect their visitors. This duty forms the backbone of premises liability laws in Omaha.

One common way that landowners fail in this duty is by allowing a temporary hazard to create an unsafe condition. These dangerous conditions can cause even a cautious visitor to slip and fall, often resulting in a severe injury.

An Omaha slip and fall lawyer could help individuals who were injured in slip and fall accidents hold at-fault landowners responsible for their negligence. With the help of a dedicated personal injury attorney from Berry Law, you can seek payments for medical bills, lost wages, and mental anguish.

Obligations of Omaha Landowners

Landowners have a duty to maintain their property in a safe manner for all invited visitors. It is important to note that this duty applies to invited visitors. This includes those who are given express or implied permission to enter the land.

Landowners must take reasonable steps to protect these visitors from harmful conditions. This includes warning them of any known hazards. Property owners may fail in this duty by:

  • Not cleaning a liquid spill promptly
  • Failing to keep walkways clear of ice or snow
  • Not repairing a broken stair

Ultimately, it is up to a jury to decide whether a landowner failed in this duty. It is also worth noting that landowners have far less of an obligation to protect a non-invited visitor, also known as trespassers. Landowners must only refrain from intentionally creating hazards that could cause an injury to anyone not invited onto their land.

Potential Injuries after a Slipping Accident

Slip and fall accidents can result in surprisingly severe injuries. Typical injuries sustained in slips and fall include:

Severe slip and fall injuries such as head trauma or back injuries can lead to nerve damage or paralysis if left untreated, so it is always best to seek medical attention immediately after an accident. Once you have begun the healing process, your next step should be seeking legal help from a lawyer familiar with handling slipping accident cases.

Compensation in Slip and Fall Claims

After an accident, you can seek compensation from the person responsible for your injuries. Your slip and fall case is worth the value of your economic and non-economic losses. A comprehensive claim should take the full impact of the incident into account, including past and future losses. A slip and fall attorney in Omaha can help gather evidence concerning the accident to prove liability and ensure you receive the full compensation you deserve.

Statute of Limitations

Bringing a claim within a timely manner is important. There is a law in Nebraska known as the statute of limitations that controls when a court can hear a case. Under Nebraska Revised Statute §25-207, plaintiffs have only four years from the date of the injury to pursue a claim. If they fail to pursue a case within that time, they may be barred from any recovery.

An Omaha Slip and Fall Attorney Can Be an Advocate

Property owners in Nebraska must protect all invited visitors who come onto their land. This includes the obligation to clean all temporary hazards or conditions that may cause a slip and fall injury. If a person is injured after falling on another’s land, he or she has the right to demand compensation.

An Omaha slip and fall lawyer could help you hold a negligent property owner responsible for his or her actions. Learn more about your rights by calling Berry Law today to schedule a consultation.

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