Waste accumulates quickly at construction sites, which is why workers use dump trucks to clear out unnecessary debris. While this is an important task, negligent dump truck operators have the potential to cause severe accidents.

If you were injured in a dump truck accident in Omaha, an aggressive accident attorney from Berry Law can help you pursue a legal claim against the responsible parties. Reach out to our legal team today to get started.

Where Do Dump Truck Accidents Typically Occur in Omaha?

Dump truck accidents occur most often near construction and landscaping sites. For example, if construction workers are repaving a road, they will need to tear out the existing road, excavate the soil or gravel underneath, and bring new materials to fill in the road. When a worker is operating a large dump truck in a busy worksite, there is always a risk of an accident. These types of wrecks may also occur on public roads as dump truck operators travel to and from the construction site.

Potential Causes of Tipper Truck Wrecks

There are many potential causes of dump truck accidents, many of which are related to negligence. One of the most common causes of these accidents is driver error. For example, if a dump truck operator fails to pay attention, he or she may hit someone on or near the construction site. Additionally, the vehicle operator may unintentionally dump the load before everyone has cleared the area.

On public roads, many tipper truck collisions occur due to negligent acts such as speeding or distracted driving. Dump trucks are heavy, so they take much longer to bring to a stop than typical passenger cars. If a trucker is speeding or driving while distracted, he or she could cause a severe rear-end collision.

In some cases, a vehicle malfunction or defect may result in an accident. For example, an issue with the brakes or steering wheel may lead to an unexpected crash. Additionally, a problem with the tipping mechanism could cause the load to empty out of the vehicle at the wrong time.

An overloaded bed can also increase the chances of an accident. A determined lawyer in Omaha can investigate the cause of your dump truck accident and identify who is at fault.

Common Injuries Following a Dump Truck Collision

Though dump trucks are not typically traveling very fast, their weight and size can cause devastating accidents. The attorneys at Berry Law have the resources to handle dump truck accident cases involving severe injuries such as:

Our legal team can help you assess the severity of your injuries and demand compensation accordingly. You can seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, prescription drug costs, the cost of home accessibility modifications, and other costs related to your injury. A determined attorney can also help you fight for compensation to cover non-economic losses such as pain and suffering, inconvenience, and change in quality of life.

Call for Legal Help in Your Dump Truck Accident Case in Omaha

Dump truck accidents in Omaha can be life-changing. These large, heavy vehicles can cause devastating injuries even at low speeds. If you or a loved one were involved in this type of collision, you could benefit from aggressive legal representation. Call Berry Law today to schedule a free consultation and get started with your case.

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