Drunk driving is illegal for everyone in Omaha and the surrounding area. Despite the regulations against it, many people continue to drive while drunk. The penalties for driving a tractor-trailer while drunk are severe because of the potential harm a drunk driver could cause.

When a trucker causes an accident due to drunk driving, the consequences are often devastating. If you need help filing a legal claim for your accident, an experienced truck accident lawyer at Berry Law can help.

Penalties for Driving a Truck in Omaha While Drunk

Nebraska has strict penalties for intoxicated truck drivers. After receiving one DUI charge, the trucker will lose his or her commercial driver’s license (CDL) for one year. The second conviction will result in the complete loss of the CDL. These penalties apply whether the driver is in a personal vehicle or commercial truck when they commit the offense.

Most CDL drivers are incredibly cautious about alcohol because they do not want to lose their source of income. Although, drunk driving truck accidents do happen. As this is a clear violation of state law, any police citation for intoxicated driving can help you prove the other driver was at-fault in your injury claim.

Controlled Substances in Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Most intoxicated driving accidents involve alcohol. Retailers at truck stops and gas stations often sell alcohol, so it is readily available. However, a similar accident could occur if a truck driver is under the influence of controlled substances or drugs.

For example, truck drivers may use stimulants such as amphetamine or methamphetamine to stay awake and alert. Unfortunately, these drugs can also make people jittery, which can lead to an accident. No matter the type of substance, any semi-truck accident with an intoxicated driver can cause catastrophic injuries.

What Compensation Can You Receive After a Drunk Driving Tuck Crash in Omaha?

After an 18-wheeler collision, you can recover compensation for monetary losses due to hospital bills, property damage, and lost wages. Additionally, you may seek non-economic damages, such as pain, suffering, and inconvenience.

Calculating Non-Economic Damages

There is no formula to calculate non-economic damages because these losses do not have a specific monetary value. Lawyers generally determine the amount of non-economic damages you should request by comparing your life before and after the accident.

For example, if someone loses mobility in the lower body, he or she may experience inconvenience and discomfort while getting accustomed to being paralyzed. Additionally, the injured party may need a mobility aid such as a wheelchair that prevents him or her from enjoying certain activities.

If the injured person’s bedroom is on the second floor of the house, moving up and down the stairs every day can be difficult. Your legal counsel can incorporate anything that negatively impacts your life emotionally and socially into your non-economic losses. A determined truck accident lawyer at Berry Law can ensure these losses are reflected in the settlement demand or drunk driving lawsuit.

Call Berry Law to Discuss Intoxicated Truck Driver Accidents in Omaha

Intoxicated truck driver accidents in Omaha can result in lasting injuries and damages. Whether the at-fault party was using alcohol or drugs, this type of negligent behavior is illegal, and you can pursue a claim for compensation. Contact our firm today to schedule a confidential consultation and learn more about how our skilled trial lawyers can assist you in your case.

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