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Our lead attorneys, John S. Berry Sr. and John S. Berry Jr., are both decorated U.S. Army veterans. They know firsthand the sacrifices that veterans make and the struggles that many face post-combat. Many are living with disabilities and facing financial hardships. At the Berry Law Firm, we believe strongly in helping veterans seek the disability benefits that they deserve.

Veterans’ issues will always be a major focus of our team, and we are here to guide them through all phases of the claims process.

We welcome all veterans, including:

  • WWII veterans, Korean War veterans, Vietnam War veterans, Iraq War veterans
  • Veterans suffering from diseases and injuries, including Agent Orange-related cancers and Type 2 diabetes

If you have any questions about our services and how we can help you file for disability benefits, don’t hesitate to contact an Omaha veterans disability attorney at our office.

Seek the Benefits You Need

One of the challenges for veterans when filing for disability benefits is proving that your health or medical condition is a result of your military service. While we do not need to prove complete incapacity or the inability to work, you do need to provide medical evidence of a physical condition that can be traced to your service in the military.

We can help Veterans who are seeking compensation for conditions such as:

  • Combat wounds
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Vehicle accident injuries
  • Chemical exposure
  • Infectious illness
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Other service-related medical issue

Talk to a VA-Accredited Lawyer

At our firm, our members are VA accredited, which means that we are certified to assist veterans with all aspects of your benefit claims. Whether you are starting to prepare the application or need to appeal a denied claim, an Omaha veterans disability lawyer can walk you through the entire process.

Talk to our attorneys  to discuss your disability and benefits.

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