White-collar crimes are offenses that usually involve some deception, fraud, or misrepresentation to achieve personal financial gain. When an arrest for a white-collar crime occurs, the allegations alone can be enough to ruin careers and families, and the ensuing punishments upon conviction can be devastating.

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for fraud or another white-collar crime, it is critical that you contact an Omaha white-collar crime lawyer immediately. These cases typically involve a large amount of evidence, and investigations often have been underway for a long time before charges are filed. Also, a conviction could result in severe penalties, including incarceration and hefty fines.

Given how harsh the penalties for these acts can be, enlisting the assistance of an experienced Omaha white-collar crimes lawyer from our firm may be wise. Representation from a dedicated criminal defense attorney can have a positive effect on the outcome of your case.

The legal team at Berry Law has been aggressively defending clients from criminal charges since 1965. Over the decades, we have developed the unique skills and insight necessary to launch a strategic defense against some of the most challenging white-collar crime charges. Please contact our team today to speak with an Omaha white-collar crime lawyer.

Examples of White-Collar Crimes

The objective of a white-collar crime is typically financial gain. In many cases, business professionals commit these crimes in the context of their jobs in fields such as insurance, banking, investment, health care, accounting, or mortgage industries.

Either state or federal law enforcement authorities may investigate and prosecute white-collar crimes, depending on the circumstances. Various forms of white-collar crimes exist under state and federal law, but some types of white-collar crimes occur more commonly than others, such as:

Investigation of white-collar crimes often involves an in-depth understanding of accounting and bookkeeping principles. Evidence in these cases is usually document-intensive, so obtaining the services of a meticulous Omaha white-collar crimes attorney may be instrumental to a positive outcome in your case.

White-collar crimes are punished differently, depending on the dollar amount and value involved. Regardless of how complex the crime is, most cases do involve incarceration, a permanent criminal record, and fines. In many instances, employers are hesitant to hire anyone who was convicted of a crime, especially white-collar crimes as those typically involve business transactions.

Other Common White-Collar Crimes in Omaha

Most white-collar crimes involve deceit or false representations to obtain money or property of value in varying contexts. For example, mortgage fraud may involve submitting false financial statements, inflating property appraisals, or manipulating other aspects of the mortgage procurement process to qualify individuals for larger mortgage loans than they usually would be entitled to.

Similarly, insurance fraud can consist of submitting false or inflated claims for reimbursement or processing claims on behalf of fictitious patients or for services that the professionals never provided. This type of fraud often amounts to a federal crime due to the degree to which Medicare and Medicaid are involved.

Embezzlement is also classified as a white-collar crime and occurs when individuals who are in lawful possession of property belonging to others wrongfully use that property for their own personal gain. This often takes the form of lawyers or investment advisors using funds entrusted to them to benefit themselves financially. In other cases, employees who handle client payments or financial transactions on behalf of their employers may divert or misuse the funds for financial gain.

Another common type of white-collar crime is credit card fraud, which often involves identity theft. An example could be when individuals use credit cards or credit card numbers belonging to others to purchase items or otherwise benefit themselves. As a white-collar crimes lawyer in Omaha can explain, a person may also commit credit card fraud by opening credit accounts using the identities of others without their consent.

What Agencies Investigate White-Collar Crimes?

Because there are both state and federal white-collar crimes, a wide array of law enforcement and regulatory agencies investigate these offenses. On the state level, the Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General commonly prosecutes white-collar offenses.

For federal cases, the specific allegation will often determine which agency is investigating. While the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) might investigate fraud in general, different agencies concentrate on specific crimes. For example, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has investigators that focus on mortgage fraud. If you are unsure what agency may be investigating you for a white-collar crime, speak with a defense attorney about your situation.

Do White-Collar Crimes Require Intent?

Most white-collar crimes are forms of fraud, which requires an intentional or knowing effort to deprive another person or entity of their property unlawfully. However, the specific level of intent required to convict a defendant varies under the law. Some statutes require acting knowingly while others might require an intentional act.

Intent can be difficult to establish during trial, given that only you truly know what your intentions were at the time of the alleged offense. That said, there are many ways the court could infer what you intended based on your actions. A skilled lawyer can help you anticipate the prosecutions’ tactics in a white-collar case.

What Evidence is Commonly Used in White-Collar Crime Cases?

Often, white-collar crimes involve legal documents. Consequently, many prosecutors rely on heavy use of documentary evidence. From fraudulent contracts to e-mails that provide evidence of intent, documentary evidence could be central to the state’s case.

The prosecution might also rely on the testimony of witnesses or even co-conspirators. A witness could testify to your intent to defraud or explain why the actions you took were outside of the normal scope of your responsibilities. Other evidence in these cases could include testimony regarding standard business practices or expert witnesses. A white-collar crime attorney can help you determine whether any of the prosecution’s evidence was obtained unlawfully and could be ruled inadmissible.

Skilled Defense. Proven Advocacy.

When we approach a case, we look through every detail, including bookkeeping and accounting methods, how law enforcement officials seized evidence, etc. We find that it is often the small details that can make or break a case. Our team even works closely with financial professionals in order to build a convincing, strong case for you. Whether we are seeking reduced charges or fighting for a not guilty verdict in court, we are prepared to put in the necessary hard work and time.

We understand what is at stake in these cases. Our white-collar crime lawyers in Omaha know that these charges can completely derail your professional career and can damage your reputation. With that in mind, we are committed to providing our clients with the most confidential representation we can give. Ensuring your privacy in these matters is of the utmost importance to our firm.

It is essential that you work with a team with the right experience and the right resources to help you. We have tackled thousands of cases and defended hundreds of clients in jury trials. We are trial-tested, high-powered trial attorneys who are always ready to fight for our clients inside and outside of court. Our clients have even included military personnel and out-of-state residents from across the country.

Work with an Omaha White-Collar Crimes Attorney

Both state and federal governments have devoted extensive resources to uncovering and combatting white-collar crimes through vigorous investigatory and prosecutorial efforts. Individuals accused of committing white-collar crimes have a great deal at stake as they stand to lose their reputation in the community and their livelihood in many cases.

As a result, contacting an experienced Omaha white-collar crimes lawyer for legal advice may be crucial to defending yourself against allegations of white-collar criminal activity and effectively fighting for your freedom.

When your future, rights, and professional interests are at stake, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Omaha white-collar crime lawyer at our firm. We can guide you through the criminal justice system and safeguard your rights. Contact Berry Law today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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