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Many people who reside in Lincoln may say that they work hard for an honest living. Holding a job and earning wages is something that many do in order to support themselves. This could be why white collar crimes often become such large public matters whenever a scandal is revealed. No matter who is involved in a fraud scuffle, many people may find themselves angry, especially since these scandals might have to deal with white collar classes taking money from blue collar ones.

This may be the case with the citizens of one Bell suburb. According to reports, it is believed by the city that their coffers have been emptied of millions of dollars thanks to the chief defendant Robert Rizzo, who is the former Bell city manager. In 2010, it was revealed that his benefits package was $1.5 million annually, and that his salary was $800,000. Due to this and the charges he is currently facing, it has been ruled by a state appeals court that the city will not have to pay for the fees in any of Rizzo’s civil or criminal cases.

Additionally, the former top assistant to Rizzo may soon face a harsher sentence as well. This is due to the fact that the former Bell city manager may have cut a “sweetheart deal”, as claimed by the woman’s attorney. Five other members of the city counsel are also being charged.

White collar crimes, especially ones involving monetary issues, can be damaging to anyone who is forced to experience them. If you have found yourself involved in a fraud case, it may be prudent to consult a white collar criminal defense attorney.

Source: Journal Star, “Lawyer complains about ex-Bell official’s plea”, Linda Deutsch, Oct. 4, 2013

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