Berry Law Seward Celebrates The 4th

The sweltering heat didn’t keep the Seward legal branch of Berry Law from joining the 4th of July festivities held in Nebraska’s official 4th of July City. Berry Law helped support the event by sponsoring a General Patton reenactor, and Seward Criminal Defense attorney Chad Wythers contributed to several events in conjunction with the Nebraska National Guard Museum.

General Patton started the Independence Day celebration with a bang by delivering an impassioned speech at the July 3rd vaudeville show that commemorated the 100th anniversary of WWI. Three reenactors played parts in the show, as General Patton was joined by actors in the likeness of President Teddy Roosevelt and General “Blackjack” Pershing.

On the morning of the 4th, our Seward lawyers attended a dedication of new exhibits at the Nebraska National Guard Museum. Three new exhibits were revealed in total, respectively titled “I Am The Guard”, “The Founders’ Corner” and “The Price of Freedom”. Berry Law was recognized for its financial contributions to the projects, alongside other Seward local businesses.

John S. Berry, Jr. is prominently featured in the “I Am The Guard” exhibit in photographs and videos where he details his experiences as both a Lieutenant Colonel in the Nebraska National Guard and a top Nebraska lawyer. Also featured is Nebraska investing legend Warren Buffett. The exhibit introduces visitors to the Nebraska National Guard through a variety of interactive displays, including a station where visitors get to experience being yelled at by a drill instructor!

Later in the day, Berry Law sponsored an actual Army half track in Seward’s grand 4th of July Parade. Riding in the half track was General Patton, who received tremendous applause as he rolled down the street. With marching bands, Seward local businesses and organizations, and kids scavenging for candy, the parade was the epitome of nostalgic Americana. To cap off the night, Seward held its annual awe-inspiring firework show. Fortunately, the events were executed safely and there was no need for our personal injury attorneys to get involved.

Berry Law was proud to support the events in Seward and is pleased to continue to operate a Seward law office directly across from the courthouse. We would like to extend a thank you to the community of Seward and the Nebraska National Guard Museum for organizing and executing a pride-filled day of remembrance and celebration. Cheers to many more to come.

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