Child Pornography Accusations

Child pornography charges are on the rise in the U.S., and the law enforcement techniques used to gather evidence have become increasingly aggressive. Recent crackdowns on the creation and distribution of child pornography by state and federal authorities have been effective in fighting the core problems, but have also resulted in charges being filed against innocent people. Because of the nature of the accusations, the innocent may not even have a chance to defend themselves before suffering losses of reputation, money, and career prospects. The Berry Law team offers results-oriented, knowledgeable legal representation to defend the wrongly accused. Our award-winning Lincoln and Omaha child pornography defense attorneys have more than 100 years of collective experience defending clients against serious accusations.

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State and federal authorities prioritize child pornography crimes and can be overzealous in issuing charges when they discover suspicious material. As a consequence, innocent people can be charged with serious crimes, or the conduct of the investigation may violate the rights of the accused. While an arrest can be traumatic and seem like punishment in itself, the defendant has the right to fight back against the accusations and can utilize an experienced attorney to minimize the chances of a conviction. The attorney will review the details of the case and build a defense to defeat charges or reduce penalties.

Possible defenses against child pornography charges include:

  • Questioning the validity and authenticity of the suspicious materials, including whether or not they had been edited or faked.
  • Disputing the intent of the accused to possess the material and calling into question how the materials ended up in his or her possession, including the possibility of malicious third party insertion by bugged software or viruses.
  • Identifying other people with access to the phone, computer, or physical space, and limiting the prosecution’s ability to prove that the accused was responsible for the material.
  • Arguing that the search that uncovered the material was not performed in accordance with the constitutional rights of the defendant.


Any crime involving the use of the internet may be charges as a federal crime, meaning that federal charges can be brought in the cases involving luring of a minor, solicitation, or child pornography. Federal crimes are generally treated very seriously and punishment for conviction can be life-altering. While most attorneys can represent clients in federal cases, a successful defense may require the employment of an attorney with experience specifically in federal trials. Penalties can include significant fines and/or imprisonment at a federal facility.

Additionally, a conviction may force you to register as a sex offender, which can permanently limit opportunities for future employment, housing, education, and more. The stigma of being labeled as a sexual predator can be the most damaging part of any punishment. While a plea deal may limit jail time, it is important to consider whether or not a lesser charge may still force registration as a sex offender. An attorney familiar with federal child pornography laws can help decipher which charges carry which penalities.


Don’t risk your future with a child pornography charge. The attorneys at Berry Law know the laws and can prepare a defense against all charges. Our lawyers have seen dozens of variations of child pornography charges and can help defend you against even the most complex or convoluted charges. We are backed by more than a century of shared legal experience, and our award winning Omaha sex crimes defense lawyers will fight tirelessly to defend our clients.

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