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Lincoln teens may be enjoying their freedom of youth with a little too much partying; this is a worry that has some locals fearing for the state of their forests and homes. A leading concern among citizens in this dry weather is the potential for bonfire parties to cause huge forest fires, which can eventually lead to criminal defense being necessary because of excessive damage.

Police are cracking down on underage drinking all across the country, but is it doing more harm than good? Teens that are unable to drink indoors for fear of house arrests being made have started to take their parties outside. While this is not a new practice, it is one that could cause unprecedented damage with the combination of open flames, poor campfire care and the dry weather the state is currently suffering from.

While bonfire areas themselves are usually on the small side, a fire that starts on the outskirts of a camp can quickly spread not only to other areas of the forest, but to properties within the forest or at the edge of it as well. The damages and potential injuries that may be caused could easily land a teen in jail or with a hefty fine.

Minor in possession charges may be one thing that most teens are worried about when they party, but facing property damages is a much worse sentence. Anyone struggling with alcohol-related property damage may find the aid of an attorney helpful, as these situations can become tricky very quickly.

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