Do I Need An Attorney For A Misdemeanor Offense?

Most people tend to think that misdemeanor offenses are insignificant and carry only minor punishments. However, when you are accused of a crime, the experience can be terrifying, even if it’s “just a misdemeanor offense.” A misdemeanor conviction can substantially affect your life well into the future, making the charge more than just slap on the wrist. This is why it is vital to consider all options as your court date approaches.

When you are charged with misdemeanor, it negatively impacts your employability. This can make finding steady work very difficult. In addition to sinking your employment prospects, a misdemeanor charge can also disqualify you from obtaining a home or apartment. One of the biggest issues people face after they have been convicted of a misdemeanor offense is having the charge removed from their record. Unfortunately, a misdemeanor can only be expunged under a very particular set of criteria.


Hiring an attorney can reduce your chances of being convicted of a misdemeanor, especially if you choose a lawyer who focuses on misdemeanor crimes. Lawyers have access to legal resources that can help build a strong defense. This includes ways of finding witnesses and other forms of evidence that will strengthen your case.

If you are facing misdemeanor charges, a criminal defense attorney can help you understand:

  1. The nature of the charges;
  2. Available defenses;
  3. Likely plea bargains; and
  4. Expected outcome.


Before hiring an attorney, it is important to ask a lot of questions. Remember, a consultation isn’t just for the attorney to gather details – it’s for you to determine whether or not you want to employ his or her services.

Examples of questions to ask:

  1. How often do you work out plea agreements?
  2. How long have you been practicing?
  3. Have you handled cases similar to mine?


At Berry Law, we have over 100+ years of combined experience handling misdemeanor cases. No matter what your charge is, we are here to help. Our team of lawyers serve clients across Nebraska and we are ready to fight for your rights. We are familiar with these types of case and know what to expect in court. Let us help you today.

Contact our Lincoln misdemeanor crimes lawyersto get started on your consultation.

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