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Even if Lincoln residents may indulge in the occasional party, keeping road safety in mind is important. Having a drunk driving incident on your record can be hugely damaging in many ways, some temporary and some irreversible.

Some of the consequences for DUI charges may soon be faced by one Natick woman. After being discovered inside a flipped car at 7:55pm by police, the woman was rescued from the scene uninjured. She had reportedly rolled her car after having “too many drinks”, which she told officers after failing a series of field sobriety tests. However, it was also reported that she was unaware of the fact that she was responsible for the car rolling.

Though she initially agreed to the sobriety tests that she then failed, she reportedly did not take a Breathalyzer test despite it being reported that officers could smell alcohol on her breath. Slurring was also reported. In addition to that, police reports read that she asked if the police had found the car that “hit her”, asking how else she would have managed to flip onto her hood if another car wasn’t involved. Nearby, two parked cars were found to be damaged. This is reportedly believed to be the reason for her car flip.

The potential convictions and potential penalties of this case are currently unknown, but they could be high due to the damage to other vehicles. This can include fees, spikes in insurance rates, and possibly jail time. Anyone facing similar circumstances may benefit by seeing an attorney with experience in DUI related incidents.

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