How Domestic Assault Convictions Affect A Professional License

Professional license holders such as doctors, psychiatrists, dentists, contractors, and mortgage brokers may have additional incentives to act quickly and diligently when accused of domestic assault or violence. If a professional facing such charges is convicted of the crime, the penalties can include the suspension or completely revocation of his or her professional licenses. In some cases, this can be the longest lasting effect of a conviction, as it can permanently remove a professional’s ability to make money or find gainful employment.


If a professional’s licenses are revoked due to a domestic violence conviction, the details can be accessible to the public. Any sort of discipline taken against a professional will be posted to public places (typically online) by the overseeing licensing board or disciplinary agency. That public knowledge of their domestic assault conviction can be absolutely devastating, crippling their chances of finding success even after having their licenses restored in the future.

Liability insurance can also be canceled or negatively altered if there is reason to believe the domestic assault conviction affected or could affect former, current, and future clients. In this way, the finances of the convicted professional are impacted even further by forcing him or her to seek a new insurance provider or by raising his or her insurance premiums.


As an additional danger to professional license holders accused of domestic assault, a conviction is not necessary for a license revocation to occur. So long as guilt is admitted in some capacity, professional licenses can be taken away. That is to say, if a plea deal is made to avoid litigation and no official conviction is obtained by the state, a licensee could still be stripped of his or her licenses. It is therefore important for a professional license holder to fight domestic assault charges in their entirety, which can include retaining a criminal defense attorney.

The Omaha criminal defense attorneys at Berry Law have more than 100 cumulative years of legal experience dealing with high-stakes, complex, and sensitive criminal defense cases, including those involving violent crime and domestic assault accusations. Professionals facing the loss of their licenses due to allegations of abuse can rely on us for dedicated counsel that takes an aggressive approach when dealing with the prosecution. Interested parties can call 402.817.6550 or use an online contact form to request a free case evaluation.

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