I-80 Drug Seizure Case Result: Judge Tosses Evidence, Charges Dismissed

Attorney Justin Kalemkiarian of Berry Law in Lincoln secures charge dismissal for I-80 drug seizure clients after judge agrees to discard evidence collected as the result of an unjustified stop.

All charges have been dismissed against a Berry Law client arrested after what has since been deemed an unjustified traffic stop. Phillip Plummer was charged in Lancaster County District Court with possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession with intent to deliver marijuana, and possession of money during a violation of Nebraska’s drug statutes. District Judge Lori Maret dismissed those charges after the prosecution’s evidence was deemed inadmissible in court.

Phillip and two passengers were traveling along Interstate 80 in Lincoln, Nebraska when a police cruiser pulled them over, allegedly for following another vehicle too closely.  When police asked to search the vehicle, Phillip declined consent.

Despite Phillip Plummer’s request to leave the scene, the police officers released a drug dog to conduct a sniff of the vehicle. Despite the dog’s failure to indicate to the presence of contraband, A full search of the vehicle was conducted and marijuana, cocaine, and cash within the vehicle was seized.

Attorney Justin Kalemkiarian of Berry Law argued that the evidence seized in this case should be suppressed because Plummer was driving in a safe, reasonable, and prudent manner and did not violate any traffic laws. Judge Maret agreed and held that there was no valid reason for police to stop Plummer.  As a result, Judge Maret suppressed all evidence seized from the stop.

The case result marks a legal triumph for the Berry Law of Lincoln, Nebraska, which has been focusing on illegal I-80 drug stop cases. Inquiring parties can learn more information at the law firm’s official website: https://www.jsberrylaw.com/.

(More information regarding the Plummer case and its conclusion can be found within a Lincoln Journal Star article: http://journalstar.com/news/local/911/article_94e255ed-e3fc-5e4c-b6ed-2eff370d4edc.html)

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