John Berry Interviewed by KETV in Drug Cash Seizure Case

John Berry was featured in a story on KETV NewsWatch 7 yesterday, “Charges dropped in suspected Lancaster County drug stop.” He was interviewed in connection with a case in involving suspected drug money seized after a traffic stop. Berry Law is one of the leading criminal defense firms in Nebraska for drug and cash seizure cases such as the one in question. The traffic stop occurred on I-80 in April of last year, when $20,000 in cash was found along with a small amount of a substance believed to be cocaine. The case made headlines recently when the charges were dropped after the judge ruled that the defendant had a right to test the cash but it was found that the evidence was no longer available.

“Unfortunately the cash had gone to the bank and back into the stream of commerce before we had the opportunity to independently test it,” Berry said in the NewsWatch piece. “I think as we see more and more interstate drug stops where cash is being seized, we’re going to see more attorneys challenging not only the physical evidence but every element of the traffic stop, search and arrest.”

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