Lincoln Criminal Defense Lawyers Land Three Consecutive Acquittals

Berry Law is proud to announce that Lincoln Criminal Defense Attorney Matt Aerni has secured an acquittal for his client accused of acting as a getaway driver last year. The positive ruling for the defense is actually one of three acquittals in a row in Lancaster County, Nebraska. Each of the three cases were seen by a jury who brought back their verdicts.

Aerni’s client was accused of aiding and abetting two other suspects who burglarized a home in September 2015. The defendant stated that she did in fact drive the burglary suspects around the town and picking them up from a home they burglarized, but she argued that she never had any knowledge that they had committed the crime. No one came forth to testify that she knew of the burglary, and Attorney Aerni was able to land the acquittal.

The two other recent cases in Lancaster County that ended in acquittals included a second-degree assault charge and a domestic assault case. The assault defendant was found not guilty of striking a man with a bottle in a bar fight that got out of control. The domestic assault defendant was acquitted after the testimonies of the alleged victim varied significantly with each iteration.

The two acquittals along with Attorney Aerni’s case victory mark a trend in Lancaster County that seems to suggest acquittals are on the rise. This could either mean that Lincoln Criminal defense lawyers are perfecting their crafts, more people are being arrested without due cause or solid evidence, or both. To read more about the three consecutive acquittals, you can view an article posted by the Lincoln Journal Star by clicking here. If you need a Lincoln defense attorney for a criminal case of your own, you can contact Berry Law online or call(402) 466-8444.

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