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Drinking and driving in Lincoln is an issue that troopers are struggling to address. However, when drug charges are added in addition to DUI charges, the potential consequences could be hefty. This goes doubly so for figures who are big in the eye of the public, such as politicians or law enforcement officers.

One off-duty Massachusetts officer may be dealing with the public backlash of being a high-profile arrest. He has a potential court date set for January 10th and the crash that instigated it reportedly involved both alcohol and drug abuse. It was also reported that the crash did not result in any life-threatening or serious injuries.

At 12:45 in the morning, the off-duty officer hit two cars. One was an on-duty officer and the other belonged to the man that the on-duty officer had pulled over. Due to this, the off-duty officer faces not only DUI charges, but negligent operation of a motor vehicle and obstruction of an emergency vehicle. It was reported that the off-duty officer claimed in the hospital that he had smoked crack cocaine before driving. Alcohol was also smelled on his breath. If proven guilty, it is unknown what penalties the officer might face after receiving these charges. Until his court date, he is not allowed to drive.

The consequences of any DUI related arrest, whether it is mild or severe, can be crippling and damaging. They can include jail time, hefty fees and license suspension. For this reason, anyone facing similar charges may want the help of an attorney experienced in DUI related cases.

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