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Simply being charged with sexual assault can have a serious impact on your career. A sexual assault allegation could cause you to lose your job, have a negative impact on your reputation, and even cause family issues. That is only the beginning of the distress that comes with sexual assault charge. If you are accused of sexual assault, it is important that you contact an experienced Nebraska sex crimes attorney immediately.

Age of Consent and Statutory Rape in Nebraska

In the state of Nebraska, the age of consent is 16. This means that an adult (someone over the age of 19) may consensually have sex with an individual age 16 or older without facing criminal charges. If the individual is under the age of 16 and the adult is at least 20 years old, then it becomes statutory rape. Statutory rape is a form of sexual assault in Nebraska. When determining the degree of the sexual assault charge, law enforcement takes into account the age of both parties.

Sexual Assault of a Child – First Degree

The statutory rape laws of Nebraska are split into two types. The first being sexual assault of a child in the first degree. According to Neb. Rev. Stat. 28-319.01, first-degree sexual assault of a child occurs:

(a) When he or she subjects another person under twelve years of age to sexual penetration and the actor is at least nineteen years of age or older; or

(b) When he or she subjects another person who is at least twelve years of age but less than sixteen years of age to sexual penetration and the actor is twenty-five years of age or older.

First-degree sexual assault of a child is a Class IB felony. According to Nebraska Revised Statute 28-105, a class IB felony is punishable by a mandatory minimum of 15 years imprisonment for the first offense. A mandatory minimum means that if convicted, the defendant must spend 15 years in jail prior to consideration for parole or mandatory discharge.

First-Degree Sexual Assault

The second type is first-degree sexual assault. According to Neb. Rev. Stat. 28-319, first-degree sexual assault occurs when:

(1) Any person who subjects another person to sexual penetration (a) without the consent of the victim, (b) who knew or should have known that the victim was mentally or physically incapable of resisting or appraising the nature of his or her conduct, or (c) when the actor is nineteen years of age or older and the victim is at least twelve but less than sixteen years of age is guilty of sexual assault in the first degree.

First degree sexual assault is considered a Class II felony. According to Nebraska Revised Statute 28-105, a Class II felony is punishable by 1 to 50 years imprisonment.

Nebraska Romeo and Juliet Laws

The “Romeo and Juliet” exemption was put into place by Nebraska lawmakers to protect minors from facing criminal charges for having consensual sex with other minors. Generally, with this law, anybody 18 years of age  or under cannot be convicted of statutory rape as long as the other person is over the age of 12. Certain Romeo and Juliet Laws state a specific amount of age difference that is legal, such as a three-year age difference when the older individual is still under the age of 19. This exception aids in protecting minors when accused of statutory rape.

Who Does it Protect?

The “Romeo and Juliet” exemption does not protect anyone who is 19 years of age or older. They also do not protect relationships in which the elder is accused of abusing their authoritative relationship with the younger. A good example of this is a relationship between student and teacher. Another instance in which they generally are not applicable is when the sexual act contains some sort of violence or a threat of violence. While these laws are in place in Nebraska, there are certain states where they are not, and minors can be charged with statutory rape. So, it is in your best interest to find an attorney that can help you navigate the laws of your state.

Romeo and Juliet Laws and Reduced Penalties

In some instances, Romeo and Juliet laws do not completely remove charges, but simply lessen the conviction that a person may face. This includes not having to be a registered sex offender or lessening the time a person may have to be registered.  It can also lessen the severity of the penalty from a felony to a misdemeanor, and even allow for expungement. Age effects the charges extensively, so it is important to contact a lawyer if you are facing sexual assault charges.

Berry Law’s Sexual Assault Attorneys

Berry Law’s team of dedicated criminal defense attorneys have experience in defending clients from sexual assault charges, especially as they relate to the “Romeo and Juliet” exemption. If you or somebody you know is facing a sexual assault charge, contact our team of sexual assault attorneys today.

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