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It may not be uncommon for some residents of Lincoln to unwind from their work week with a little partying, clubbing or drinking with friends. There are plenty of safe ways to enjoy a drink in the company of others. However, drunk driving is one quick way to bring the party to a halt. DUI charges can be costly and may permanently mar your record, making it more difficult for you to function as a driver in the future.

This may be highlighted in the recent arrest and jailing of a man from Lancaster County. Reports have stated that he was in a Lancaster County jail as of Thursday evening. It is unknown if he is still jailed or if he has posted bail. The man refused to take a breath test in accordance to one news release. However, he was given a field sobriety test, which he reportedly failed. It is unknown whether this was the direct cause of his arrest.

A state patrol trooper first pulled the man over at 2:20 in the morning on Thursday due to the fact that the man was reportedly speeding. It was also reported that the trooper smelled alcohol after pulling the man over. It is unknown if this is what prompted both the field sobriety test and the request for a breath test to be taken.

The higher the DUI count goes, the harsher potential punishment can become. If you are in a similar situation facing either your first or fifth DUI, you may find it beneficial to have the advice of an experienced lawyer on your side.

Source: Lincoln Journal Star, “ Man busted for fifth DUI”, Nicholas Bergin, Oct. 10, 2013

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