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For residents of Lincoln, it may not be considered too unusual to wind down from a day with a little drinking. In fact, many people indulge in drinking to wind down, de-stress, or simply to enjoy themselves in the company of friends. However, drunk driving is a result of drinking around others that is all too frequent. One bad decision to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated can cost you quite a lot.

Two Nebraskan men might be facing similar consequences soon. The investigation is currently still in progress but it is suspected that one or both men were potentially under the influence at the time of a crash. The crash occurred in Lincoln County at about 2 in the morning; their pick-up hit a cottonwood tree. Both of the men were not yet of legal drinking age, complicating the case further by making underage drinking penalties plausible.

One of the men claimed that his friend was extremely intoxicated while driving and alcohol was found inside the vehicle after the crash. Despite this, there is no indication that a breathalyzer test was given and it is unknown whether or not any field sobriety tests were performed. Both men had numerous injuries, including facial cuts.

If it is proven that alcohol was involved in this crash, the driver could be facing severe penalties such as a revoked license, fines, and even jail time. This could be true for anyone facing drunk driving charges. If you have a similar charge, you may find it beneficial to consult an attorney.

Source: KTIC, “ Two injured in suspected drunk driving incident in southern Lincoln County”, Oct. 15, 2013

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