Woman Accepts Plea Bargain in Interstate 80 Case

In connection with an October 2013 drug trafficking case, a 24-year-old woman will not be facing federal indictment due to the acceptance of a plea bargain. Her co-defendant was not offered a plea deal and will be facing federal charges for the incident. The duo were arrested after being stopped by Nebraska State Patrol on Interstate 80.

Deal Cut in Interstate 80 Trafficking Case

According to the York News-Times , the accused were traveling on Interstate 80, with the female defendant driving the vehicle. When the truck was stopped, law enforcement noticed the smell of marijuana, which was confirmed by a canine unit. Based on this information, police performed a search and seizure of the vehicle and discovered sealed bags of cash inside a Gucci bag and empty suitcases with marijuana remnants inside. In total, the cash equaled $90,080. The woman confessed that she knew the money was used for the purchase and delivery of marijuana.

Although the woman was aware of the situation and had some involvement in the drug trafficking case, the prosecutor offered a plea bargain based on her full cooperation with law enforcement and her lack of criminal record. She plead no contest to possession of drug money, a Class 4 felony. Based on this, she was sentenced to pay a $5,000 fine. However, the felony on her record will have an effect should she ever have additional problems with the law.

Berry Law regularly handles drug cases on Interstate 80 and drug and asset forfeiture cases involving arrests made along the interstates connected to drug trafficking.

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