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Berry Law wants to talk to students that are interested in resolving real-world legal issues via legal research, technology, mentorship, and trial experience.
Berry Law is a firm of constitutional trial lawyers dedicated to defending the United States Constitution as well as individual rights and liberties.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Can you work at a law firm during law school?

“Yes,” depending on local practice rules. Legal research (and writing) is an essential part of your law school curriculum and a daily duty for the majority of law associates. It’s also a talent you should develop as soon as possible, and you can start doing so by working in a law firm before law school.

Do law firms hire 3Ls?

Firms do not require summer associates; rather, they require a sufficient number of young lawyers to begin full-time practice each year. Furthermore, most large firms have well-established hiring procedures in place: they hire law students to work their 1L and 2L summers before making offers during the 2L summer or early 3L year. Berry Law does consider hiring 3Ls if we believe the candidate could be a potential attorney hire.

What grade point average or class rank is required to be considered at Berry law?

Indeed, many famous legal firms have “strict” GPA or class rank cutoffs for recruiting law students during the summer or for consideration as a new attorney hire. Berry Law requires strong academic success and writing skills as well as a demonstrated work ethic. We also look for candidates that we believe fit in with the unique culture at Berry Law.


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What constitutes a positive Berry Law culture?

A positive company culture is created by a harmonious combination of passion and desire to win, familiar qualities, including amazing coworkers, a reasonable work/life balance, effective communication, teamwork, a dynamic social life and career growth potential.

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