• Client Involved In Motor Vehicle Collision

    $47,500 Settlement

    Berry Law client’s vehicle was struck within an intersection by an ambulance with its lights activated, but not its sirens.  Liability was highly contested.  Despite the significant challenges and relatively modest medical expenses, Berry Law successfully negotiated a fantastic settlement for the client.

  • Motor Vehicle Collision

    Settlement of $30,000

    The at-fault vehicle turned into the side of the client’s car at an intersection. Despite the client’s symphony of preexisting symptoms and tenuously related treatment the Berry Law attorney secured policy limit tenders from both the liability and underinsured motorist carriers.  More importantly, Berry Law was successful in getting the health insurance subrogation waived, which ensures the client’s net proceeds total nearly $30,000.

  • Client Involved in Motor Vehicle Collision

    Settlement of $50,000

    The Berry Law Personal Injury team finalized negotiations with a client’s underinsured motorist carrier and was able to convince the adjuster to tender the policy limit of $50,000. This hard-fought battle was won with a strategy of candor, relationship-building, and creativity. After a “firm top offer” of $35,000 from the UIM carrier, Berry Law attorneys called the adjuster and determined what was necessary to obtain the compensation the client deserved.   The Berry Law attorneys subsequently obtained a narrative summary from the client’s treating physician and submitted it to the UIM carrier and a formal policy limit offer of the $50,000 was quickly made.

  • Client Involved in Motor Vehicle Collision

    Settlement of $25,000

    Berry Law attorney Carey Collingham and the Personal Injury Team achieved settlement in the amount of $25,000 for one of our local guardswomen and her two daughters after they were injured by another driver’s negligence. This award is astounding given that the total medical bills were under $4,000 between the three injured clients.

  • Accused of Sexual Assault

    Case Dismissed

    Berry Law client was accused last year of sex assault by a cousin when client was a juvenile. A few weeks ago, it was referred to law enforcement who wanted to question him about the incident. Instead of talking, client called Berry Law. After telling law enforcement, the client would not be interviewed, the case would be closed. Although a simple decision, it saved the client the pain of formal charges.

  • Motor Vehicle Collision

    Settlement of $80,000

    Client was driving through an intersection when another car ran a red light and caused a collision.  The client sustained a radial fracture that required minimum medical treatment.  Despite the low amount of the medical expenses Evan obtained policy limit tenders from all applicable insurance coverages.

  • Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle

    Settlement of $130,000

    Berry Law’s 8-year-old client was crossing the street after school at an unauthorized crossing point.  She was potentially distracted by speaking with a friend.  Witnesses also alleged the client “darted” out into traffic, striking the side of the tortfeasor’s vehicle.  Despite these significant challenges, Evan and the Personal Injury Team convinced both the liability and underinsured motorist carriers to tender policy limits.

  • Client Involved in Motor Vehicle Collision

    Settlement of $40,000

    The client came to Berry Law after receiving a $9,800 “top dollar” settlement offer from the insurance company following a motor vehicle collision.  Rachel and the Personal Injury Team forced the adjuster to reexamine the same evidence previously presented and obtained the result the client deserved.

  • Client Involved in a Motor Vehicle Collision

    Amount recovered: $90,000

    Our client’s vehicle was involved in a motor vehicle crash in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The at-fault driver failed to yield the right-of-way by turning left in front of our client’s vehicle.  The client sustained a non-surgical cervical fracture and laceration to her forehead.  The case was complicated by the client’s medical providers reporting she was non-compliant with treatment.  The client also sustained two subsequent, unrelated, injuries. The personal injury team was still successful in convincing the insurance company to fully compensate the client for what she went through because of their insured’s negligence.

  • Motor Vehicle Collision

    Six-Figure Settlement

    Carey Cunningham secured a six-figure settlement for a client who was severely injured in a motor vehicle collision in rural Nebraska.  Liability was vigorously disputed and there was a pending defense motion for summary judgment at the time settlement was reached.  Carey successfully articulated the facts of the case to the mediator while remaining empathetic to the issues confronting the client.

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