If someone is facing criminal charges for a drug-related offense, he or she should not underestimate the importance of a clear and effective defense strategy. A criminal drug conviction on your record can negatively impact your life for many years to come. To reduce the likelihood of a drug conviction derailing your career, you should contact a Kearney drug lawyer if you have been charged with a drug-related offense.

An aggressive defense lawyer from Berry Law could investigate the circumstances that led to your criminal charges and weigh the evidence against you. Using that information, legal counsel could determine the best course of action in your case and employ a defense strategy that works for you.

Classifying Controlled Substances

The federal government established the Controlled Substances Act, which provides a comprehensive classification system for illegal drugs. Under this federal law, controlled substances fall into one of five different categories or schedules. Classification of each type of drug is based on its potential for misuse, danger to the public, and accepted medical uses.

Schedule I contains the drugs seen as the most dangerous and addictive, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. On the other end, schedule V drugs have little potential for abuse and have accepted medical uses, usually by prescription.

Criminal penalties for offenses that involve controlled substances vary widely. The severity of the penalties usually depends on the schedule and amount of the drug, as well as other relevant factors.

Kearney Drug Trafficking Charges

Someone who is caught with excessive amounts of drugs may face distribution or possession with intent to distribute charges rather than possession charges. In many of these cases, in addition to large quantities of drugs, law enforcement officials find paraphernalia commonly associated with selling drugs, such as scales, baggies, and large amounts of cash. Many of these arrests originate from traffic stops on Interstate 80, which runs across the state of Nebraska.

Law enforcement officials have realized that I-80 is an often-traveled route for individuals coming from western states with marijuana and other cannabis products. Since Colorado, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington all have legalized marijuana to some extent, many travelers use I-80 to travel across the country. Police have been quick to notice this trend and often target vehicles with out-of-state license plates and rental tags as potential drug traffickers.

Charges related to the manufacturing or distribution of drugs can be much more severe than those for possession of drugs. When federal prosecutors become involved in prosecuting drug trafficking offenses, however, the consequences become even more harsh. Individuals caught trafficking large amounts of drugs can face significant prison time. A drug attorney in Kearney can be the most effective means of defense when facing federal charges.

Penalties for Distribution and Manufacturing

Charges for distributing or manufacturing controlled substances are some of the most severe. While many circumstances can enhance the charges and penalties for these offenses, they all are felony charges. The penalties for these convictions can range from a few years to life in prison. A drug attorney in Kearney can discuss the range of penalties that you are facing and advise you on the best course of action.

Contact a Kearney Drug Attorney for Advice

A drug conviction can be devastating for your future. You may be unable to pursue certain jobs or occupations due to your criminal background. Therefore, it is crucial that you contact a Kearney drug lawyer is if you are facing drug charges. To get started on your case, call Berry Law today for a confidential case evaluation.

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