While it is not uncommon for state prosecutors to pursue fraud offenses, many large-scale prosecutions occur at the federal level. These federal charges often involve interstate transactions or national financial institutions. Allegations of fraud can wreak havoc on your life.

A Lincoln federal fraud lawyer can advise you of your rights and prepare a defense for your charges. Given the steep consequences of a conviction, it could be in your best interest to discuss your case with a skilled federal defense attorney at Berry Law.

Common Federal Offenses Regarding Fraud in Lincoln

There are dozens of federal statutes related to fraud offenses. Some are very specific and only apply in limited circumstances. Others are broad, with a much higher chance of a federal arrest. An attorney in Lincoln can help you understand the types of fraud charges that the federal government typically pursues.

Fraudulent Transactions in Banking

Some of the most common forms of fraud that federal prosecutors pursue are illegal transactions with national financial institutions. Bank fraud can involve various schemes designed to deceive banks, credit unions, or other financial institutions.

Law enforcement may accuse the defendant of writing checks on closed accounts or forging signatures. Federal authorities are more likely to pursue these cases when they involve large amounts of money.

Mortgage Loan Applications

Mortgage fraud is similar to bank fraud in that it typically involves a financial institution. However, this type of case is specific to the use of deception to obtain a mortgage loan. Law enforcement may press charges for anything from kickback schemes to fraudulent loan applications.

Illegally Pursuing an Insurance Claim

Fraudulent activities involving insurance policies can also lead to federal charges. Insurance fraud comes in many forms, but it typically steams from policyholders falsely pursuing a claim. Other cases could involve employees of an insurance company using deception to sell their policies.

Fraudulent Health Care Claims

Health care fraud is another broad area of the law. Typically, these cases involve doctors or medical providers enriching themselves through false claims. Medical professionals might inaccurately record the actual treatment they provided in an attempt to gain more profits. Alternatively, patients might file a claim for care that never occurred. It is also possible for health care fraud to stem from duplicate claims filed for the same medical issue.

Sentencing in a Federal Fraud Case in Lincoln

The courts use federal sentencing guides when determining the punishment for someone convicted of a federal fraud offense. The penalties for these crimes are severe. An individual may face up to 20 years in federal prison. The larger the amount of money involved in the alleged crime, the higher the potential sentence. An experienced defense lawyer can advise you on what factors might influence federal sentencing guidelines in your fraud case.

Speak With a Lincoln Federal Fraud Attorney Today

Regardless of the specific charges you face, a conviction can completely change your life. In addition to the possibility of jail time, you could face steep fines and other consequences.

A Lincoln federal fraud lawyer can assist you in building the strongest defense possible for your case. To learn more, contact Berry Law to schedule a confidential consultation.

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