Law enforcement officers often use search warrants in Lincoln federal criminal investigations to gather evidence against suspects. If you were served with one of these legal documents, you may be unsure how to respond. In these situations, it is best to reach out to a defense attorney as soon as possible. The experienced legal professionals at Berry Law can provide timely support and guidance during and after a search.

What is Required for Federal Law Enforcement to Obtain a Search Warrant?

To obtain a search warrant, federal law enforcement officers must swear that it is more likely than not that they will find additional evidence of wrongdoing in a particular location or on a specific device. Additionally, the officers must identify exactly what evidence they are seeking and list the specific locations they believe such evidence can be found in.

If a law enforcement officer fails to follow these laws, a lawyer may be able to get any evidence found in the search thrown out. It is always best to retain a skilled lawyer who can hold the prosecution accountable for not following procedure.

Typical Items Confiscated and Inspected During a Search

Federal investigators in Lincoln, NE can confiscate or inspect almost anything with a search warrant. Law enforcement officers can even seek out several search warrants in one single investigation.

Some of the most common items seized are electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and computers. Law enforcement officers know that these items are likely to hold a significant amount of information about an individual’s day-to-day life. Agents have a variety of technology resources that allow them to conduct a forensic analysis on these devices to gather evidence against you.

Other items that may be seized by federal officers include:

The types of evidence collected through a search warrant vary widely depending on the type of case.

Timeframe for Recovering Seized Property

There is no set amount of time law enforcement is allowed to keep your property after seizing it. The length of time that federal officers have your items depends heavily on the type of investigation taking place and the types of items being confiscated.

It is also important to note that the investigators may never return your property. The government may seek a court order for forfeiture of those items, meaning they never have to return the items.

Can Law Enforcement Officers Conduct Interviews During a Search?

Interviews can be conducted during a search warrant, but they are not necessarily inside the purview of the warrant. If the federal officers ask you questions, you have the right to remain silent. You also have the right to have your attorney present during questioning.

Any statements you make can and will be used against you in court. It is generally best to remain calm, contact your lawyer, and avoid making unnecessary statements.

Additionally, Federal law enforcement officers can interview anybody present at the time of the search who may have information relevant to their investigation. Potential interviewees may include neighbors, acquaintances, and individuals standing outside the building.

Speak With an Attorney in Lincoln About Search Warrants in Federal Criminal Investigations

If you were recently served with a search warrant in a Lincoln federal criminal investigation, consider speaking with an attorney. The legal team at Berry Law can help you understand the search and seizure process and fight for your constitutional rights. Contact our firm today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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