Fraud is broadly defined by both state and federal law to include a wide range of criminal offenses that generally involve unlawful financial gain through the use of deception or dishonesty. In many cases, allegations of fraud target individuals in positions of trust or authority.

If you are currently facing fraud allegations, it’s imperative to seek legal counsel right away. Some fraud allegations are the result of simple misunderstandings that a dedicated criminal defense lawyer can help clear up. You can trust that your rights will be protected under the guidance of a Lincoln fraud lawyer from Berry Law.

Fraud Offenses under State Law

There is no singular crime known as “fraud” according to state law. Instead, there are several statutes that punish fraudulent behavior. Examples of common fraud offenses prosecuted under state law include:

A skilled Lincoln attorney at Berry Law can assist you with defending any of these state fraud charges.

Federal Fraud Crimes

Federal prosecutors frequently pursue fraud charges in our area. While they might leave offenses involving small amounts of money to state prosecutors, the federal government typically prosecutes cases involving large sums or fraudulent acts that cross state lines.

Some of the most common types of federal fraud charges include:

The consequences of a federal fraud conviction are harsh and often include prison time and fines.

Defending against Fraud Charges in Our Area

While not every defense strategy will be effective in every fraud case, an experienced attorney at Berry Law can tailor your defense to your unique needs. It is the prosecutor’s responsibility to prove that you engaged in or facilitated fraudulent activity for personal gain beyond a reasonable doubt. Focusing on the prosecuting attorney’s inability to do so can lead to an acquittal of charges. By pointing to the insufficiency of evidence against you, you can beat fraud charges without ever needing to assert your own version of events.

Lack of intent is another common defense. Since fraud is a crime of intent, a person who accidentally or unknowingly satisfies the other criteria of this crime shall not be found guilty of fraud.

Most federal fraud cases involve the use of misleading statements. However, not all false statements will result in fraud. For example, if a defendant says something deceitful or incorrect that has no bearing on the financial transaction in question, they shall not be convicted of fraud.

An entrapment defense can be effective in some Lincoln fraud cases. Entrapment occurs when a government actor compels someone to commit a crime that they otherwise would not have committed. Successfully executing this defense can be challenging without dedicated legal representation.

Contact a Lincoln Fraud Attorney Today

Federal and state prosecutors alike pursue fraud charges aggressively. Given the potential for severe punishment, it is vital to take these charges seriously.

A Lincoln fraud lawyer can investigate the allegations against you before developing a defense strategy or pursuing a motion to dismiss. Call Berry Law right away to discuss your legal options with a professional.

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