Businesses and corporations operating in Lincoln can face a steep price for any indication of fraud or impropriety. Given the amount of money that could be at stake, the potential criminal penalties in these cases are severe. While it is conceivable for criminal charges to target a business entity, its executives will likely face the most criminal liability.

If someone accused you of committing an act of deception in your workplace, protect your legal rights by hiring a Lincoln business and corporate fraud lawyer. A dedicated fraud attorney from Berry Law can help build a strong defense against your fraud charges.

Examples of Business or Corporate Fraud

There are no exact definitions of business and corporate fraud. Instead, these terms describe a range of alleged criminal actions that are often disguised as standard business practices. An attorney in Lincoln can help you defend yourself against different types of business and corporate fraud allegations.


One of the most straight-forward examples of business fraud is embezzling. Embezzling occurs when an employee siphons off money or assets from the company for his or her own benefit.

Fraudulent Accounting

Not all acts of corporate fraud are designed to benefit the alleged perpetrator. In some cases, accounting fraud is used to fool shareholders or co-owners regarding the financial trouble the business is in. In other cases, the company’s accountant might “cook the books” to cover up evidence of other fraudulent acts.

Falsifying Tax Records

Some of the most common acts of fraud in a business setting are designed to avoid state or federal tax obligations. To that end, some executives could hide assets or falsify tax documents in an effort to illegally limit the amount of tax debt they or the company might face.

The Difference Between Fraud and Error in a Lincoln Criminal Case

At the center of any business fraud allegation is an unlawful financial gain. Typically, these fraudulent operations are disguised as standard business transactions. This can be problematic if you are accused of fraud, as an honest mistake or error could look fraudulent under the wrong circumstances.

There is one important factor that differentiates fraud from error: intent. If you do not intentionally seek an unlawful monetary windfall during the normal course of business, your actions do not qualify as fraud. Fraud requires proof of intent, but it is not always easy for the state to determine what you had in mind at the time of the alleged act. For that reason, law enforcement often presumes fraud even when intent is not present.

A lawyer familiar with business and corporate fraud cases can help you present evidence that makes your intentions clear. By showing that the transaction in question was a simple error or even a legitimate business decision, you could reach a favorable outcome in your case.

Reach Out to a Lincoln Business and Corporate Fraud Attorney Today

Cases involving business or corporate fraud are often lengthy and complex. They can rely heavily on documentary evidence that may be difficult to understand even as a business executive.

A Lincoln business and corporate fraud lawyer can simplify the allegations against you and develop a strong defense based on the facts of your case. To learn more, schedule a confidential consultation with a business fraud attorney at Berry Law right away.

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