A wrongful death is a death resulting from the carelessness or recklessness of others. If your family member died because of negligence or intentional acts, you may be entitled to recover monetary damages for the economic impact and the lost contributions to family life.

Berry Law Firm has provided effective representation in civil litigation across Nebraska, including successful lawsuits for wrongful death. We invite you to contact our Lincoln or Omaha offices for a consultation with one of our lawyers.

Lincoln and Omaha Fatal Accident Lawyers

We can evaluate your potential lawsuit for any untimely death if you believe that another person or entity is responsible:

  • Car and truck accidents
  • Work-related vehicle accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Farm equipment or machinery accidents
  • Other workplace fatalities
  • Medical malpractice resulting in death

From experience in both civil litigation and criminal trial work, we know how to position our clients for a favorable out-of-court resolution while preparing for trial. We know how to prove liability and present a compelling case for damages.

A wrongful death claim seeks economic damages (medical and funeral bills, projected earnings of the deceased) as well as non-economic damages (loss of consortium, love, companionship, counsel, support and household services). Our Lincoln wrongful death lawyers work to ensure that the family is financially secure and appropriately compensated for a preventable tragedy.

Consulting With a Lincoln Wrongful Death Attorney

Berry Law Firm takes wrongful death cases on a contingent fee basis — we collect attorney’s fees only if we recover compensation.

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