If you have been charged with embezzlement, our Lincoln embezzlement attorneys understand the complexities of white collar crime cases. Berry Law represents persons charged with embezzlement and other white collar crimes. To make an appointment with our Nebraska white collar crimes attorneys, please call or contact us online.

Fighting Embezzlement Charges

White collar crimes, including embezzlement, may be charged as federal crimes. If you have been charged with a federal crime, your Lincoln embezzlement lawyer must have extensive federal criminal defense experience. Our attorneys regularly practice in federal court and understand how to battle federal prosecutors.

  • Crimes often associated with embezzlement can include:
  • Theft from an employer
  • Falsification of financial documents
  • Failure to deposit funds
  • Misuse or misappropriation of funds

Building a Defense With a Lincoln Embezzlement Lawyer

It is not uncommon for embezzlement charges to be levied against persons who did not knowingly or intentionally commit a crime. A bookkeeping error or an alleged association with those engaged in criminal activity can result in charges against an innocent party and should result in contact with a Lincoln embezzlement attorney.

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