Many drug offenses are not the result of a single person’s actions, but rather the end result of a larger, organized effort to manufacture, traffic, and distribute drugs. As a result, law enforcement may spend significant time and resources investigating drug conspiracy crimes.

A conspiracy is a plan or agreement by multiple parties to commit a certain crime. In the context of narcotics, a conspiracy may involve two or more people working together to produce illicit substances, sell illicit substances, or commit a similar act. If you have been implicated in an organized drug investigation, you may benefit from the aid of a Nebraska drug conspiracy lawyer. A dedicated attorney from Berry Law could represent your interests from the initial questioning all the way to trial.

Nebraska Drug Conspiracy Laws

A conspiracy charge can relate to any prohibited act; the law does not limit the definition of conspiracy to drug-related offenses. The Nebraska Legislature outlines the elements of conspiracy in Nebraska Revised Statute § 28-202. In order for a prosecutor to convict a defendant of conspiracy, the government must prove the following:

  • That at least two people agreed to engage in illegal conduct
  • That at least one person engaged or attempted to engage in the illegal conduct, and
  • That one of the people involved takes some step to carry out the conspiracy.

The punishment for conspiracy is the same class as the planned crime. For example, if the defendants conspired to sell a Schedule IV drug, the court could convict them of a corresponding Class IIIA felony, as stated in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-416.

Drug Conspiracy Charges

While conspiracy is its own separate criminal charge, almost any prohibited act could be linked to conspiracy. Some common drug-related conspiracies involve the following:

  • Possession
  • Sale
  • Manufacture or cultivation
  • Trafficking
  • Money laundering, and
  • Violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)

Often, prosecutors will offer individuals suspected of involvement in a conspiracy a plea bargain. The government may offer the defendant a lesser charge or even immunity in exchange for the names of other people involved or similar details. An experienced criminal defense attorney could work with prosecutors to broker the best possible agreement for a defendant.

Call a Nebraska Drug Conspiracy Attorney Today

Many conspiracy charges can end up with negotiated plea bargains that may allow a defendant to avoid serious jail time or other harsh penalties. If you have any reason to suspect the police may seek you out to negotiate a deal, consider speaking with an attorney quickly.

No matter the circumstances of your charge, you have certain constitutional rights that need to be protected. A strong Nebraska drug conspiracy lawyer could prioritize your best interests and build a defense strategy that works best for your case. Conspiracy cases often involve wide-ranging investigations and multiple defendants, so it may be difficult to preserve your freedom without experienced legal aid. Call a Nebraska drug conspiracy attorney at Berry Law today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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