Fraud refers to a broad category of criminal offenses that involve some deceptive or dishonest actions designed to result in financial gains or benefits. This white-collar crime often takes place in conjunction with the position or employment that a person holds, in that it may involve funds or property belonging to others he or she was entrusted with. As these charges can result in federal prison sentences, fines, loss of employment, and a permanent felony record, consulting a Nebraska federal fraud lawyer is critical.

Every federal fraud offense requires proof of intent to defraud others and cause them financial or legal injury. A proactive federal defense lawyer could examine the facts that led to the fraud charges against you and determine whether the evidence sufficiently supports a finding of intent to defraud.

Federal Fraud Offenses

The federal government has increasingly devoted more resources to combatting fraud and other types of white-collar crime. Various types of federal fraud offenses exist, but the federal government primarily has targeted some offenses over others, such as health care and bank fraud. As any federal fraud conviction can result in severe consequences, anyone facing charges should consult an experienced federal fraud lawyer in Nebraska.

Health Care Fraud

Upcoding, or billing public health programs such as Medicare and Medicaid for more expensive services than patients received, filing false claims of services that patients never received, and billing these programs for fictitious patients all may constitute federal healthcare fraud. The ramifications of a federal healthcare fraud conviction can be severe, including fines and restitution, federal prison sentences, loss of medical licenses, and an inability to file future claims with Medicaid or Medicare.

Bank Fraud

Bank and check fraud also are common. While bank fraud involves intentional schemes to defraud banks or other financial institutions, check fraud typically consists of stealing checks belonging to others, forging the signatures of others on checks, or writing checks on accounts that are closed or contain insufficient funds. Identity theft also is a common element of bank fraud, which can be the basis for separate and additional charges.

Mortgage Fraud

Another variation of bank fraud is mortgage fraud. Mortgage fraud consists of fraudulent refinancing or foreclosure avoidance schemes, improper inflation of property values, and various kickback schemes between many key real estate industry players, including mortgage brokers, appraisers, inspectors, and lenders.

What Are the Penalties in Nebraska?

Fraud falls into the same category as other white-collar crimes under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and has harsh penalties, even for first-time offenders. The level of the charges and penalties depends not only on the value of the financial gain, but also on any reasonably foreseeable losses to the alleged targets of the fraud.

Other various aspects of a fraud offense also may impact the severity of the charges and the resulting punishments. Betrayal of trust, the duration and extent of the fraudulent scheme, the number of alleged victims involved, and previous fraud-related convictions all could impact the overall penalties that individuals may receive for a federal fraud charge.

Consult a Nebraska Federal Fraud Attorney Today

If you find yourself a target of a federal fraud investigation, you should take steps immediately to protect yourself and your rights. Enlisting the assistance of a Nebraska federal fraud lawyer can be crucial to effectively defending yourself against these charges. Call Berry Law today schedule a confidential consultation.

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