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John Stevens Berry, Sr., Quoted in Washington Post

A murder spree that terrified the State of Nebraska over 60 years ago has made national headlines again. Caril Fugate was tried and found guilty for first-degree murder shortly after the spree, but Fugate’s defense attorney, John Stevens Berry, Sr., claims otherwise.

John Stevens Berry, Sr., the founder of Berry Law, represents Fugate in her pardon request. John claims that Fugate’s trial was riddled with errors and should not have been accepted as due process. Berry claims the evidence is clear: Fugate is innocent and should, therefore, receive a pardon from the State of Nebraska.

Furthermore, Berry explains how riveting this case really was. Berry said, “There are people in Nebraska, the ones who remember this — they can’t quote Chief Standing Bear or Willa Cather. But by God they can quote Charles Starkweather, when he said, ‘She should be sitting on my lap [in the electric chair].”

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John Stevens Berry, Sr., is a well-known criminal defense attorney who has practiced law in multiple countries. Berry, Sr., founded Berry Law in 1965, and has been committed to fighting for those facing criminal charges.

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