John Stevens Berry, Sr., Mentioned in NBC News - Berry Law Firm
John Stevens Berry, Sr., Mentioned in NBC News

Berry Law founder John Stevens Berry, Sr., was recently recognized by NBC News in an article about the denial of Caril Fugate’s pardon.

Charles Starkweather kidnapped Caril Fugate when she was only 14 and took her across the state and into Wyoming on a murder spree that claimed the lives of eleven people. Fugate stood on trial for first-degree murder, the youngest person ever to do so in the country at that point. The court found Fugate guilty and sentenced her to life in prison. Fugate was paroled in 1976 and she moved to Michigan where she has lived a peaceful life since.

Fugate recently applied for a pardon from the State of Nebraska. John Stevens Berry, Sr., represented her case in this pardon. Berry claimed Fugate should be pardoned for a variety of reasons, including how the flawed case proceeded.

In the end, the State did not grand Fugate with the pardon. Berry stated this was wrong, saying, “She’s not after anything else other than to clear her name.”

Other proponents for Fugate’s pardon included the granddaughter of one of Starkweather’s victims as well as some other people in Fugate’s life. Berry insisted that Fugate should be innocent, giving many valid legal reasons.

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John Stevens Berry, Sr., has represented his clients throughout the country since 1965. Having played a part in a number of high-profile cases, Berry takes pride in defending the constitutional rights of the accused. He continues to fight the legal fights for those that need it, even if no one else will.

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