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Strictly Business Magazine Quotes Matt Aerni in Article on Winter Driving Tips

With Winter raging on, Berry Law injury attorney Matt Aerni gave some advice to Strictly Business on what to keep in mind when driving in blistery conditions. Mr. Aerni noted that although most Nebraskans understand the dangers of driving in the snow and sleet, we continually see large accidents happening in corresponding numbers on days with slick roads.

“Even though everyone knows that, we still see an increase in car crashes on the days when it is slick outside. Inclement weather may explain why a car crash happened, but it does not excuse the driving behavior of the person who causes the crash.”

Matt continued, “Even in winter weather, a driver has an obligation to keep their vehicle under control. When a driver slides into a snowy intersection and crashes into another car, the crash did not happen because of the snow. The crash happened because the driver did not reduce their speed in time to prevent their vehicle from sliding through an intersection the driver likely knew was slick, and that driver is going to be liable for any injuries they cause. So keep that in mind, and always remember to put the phone away while you are driving.”

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Matt Aerni joined Berry Law after a tenure at one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, so Matt understands the battles insurance companies have with clients. He has committed his legal career to safeguarding and fighting for the rights of the injured and is continually dedicated to ensuring just compensation is received.

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