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It can be a daunting prospect for a person to know that they will have to appear in court to answer criminal charges. Even relatively minor allegations can result in life-changing consequences after a conviction. After all, any criminal offense in Nebraska can result in a jail sentence upon conviction and would create a permanent criminal record.

Fortunately, an experienced Omaha criminal lawyer could help you protect your rights in court. Whether you are looking to come to a fair plea deal to end your case quickly or you want to fight the charges at trial, a dedicated defense attorney could help you achieve the best outcome possible for you.

The Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney in Omaha works to protect the rights of defendants from the day they are hired. This includes not just making appearances on their behalf in court, but also working to preserve their constitutional rights while in police custody.

Most people see criminal defense attorneys in action during trials, but the work on a case begins months prior. As soon as an attorney is hired to work on a case, they may visit a client who is still in police custody. This is done to both inform that client of their rights as well as to prevent any harmful questioning conducted by police.

The preliminary hearings in a criminal case can have an immense impact on a defendant’s pre-trial lifestyle and the progress of the case. The first hearing, known as an arraignment, typically determines important questions for a defendant’s future, including the amount of bail in their case and any pre-trial release conditions. An Omaha criminal attorney could help protect your rights during every stage of the process.

Types of Cases Handled by Omaha Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal offenses in Nebraska are separated into two main categories. The lesser of these two are misdemeanor offenses. Common examples here include driving under the influence, simple assaults, and minor theft charges. These cases are typically heard in Nebraska’s county courts and can be punishable by no more than a year in jail and the payment of a fine.

The more serious categories of criminal offenses are known as felonies. These include dire accusations such as homicide and rape, but they can also include more serious versions of misdemeanor offenses like assault or theft. For example, an assault that results in serious bodily injury is a felony-level offense, just like all thefts of property in excess of $500.

The state’s district courts have jurisdiction to hear all felony-level cases. A conviction for such a crime can result in a sentence to a state prison and, in some cases, may require a mandatory minimum sentence. No matter the severity of a charge that a defendant faces, a persistent criminal lawyer in Omaha may be able to help.

Work with an Omaha Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Anyone facing a criminal allegation needs to take their situation seriously. Whether this is a defendant’s first time in trouble with the law or they are looking to avoid being labelled as a repeat offender, the potential consequences for a criminal conviction can be harsh.

At Berry Law Firm, our Omaha criminal lawyers could evaluate the strength of the prosecutor’s claim, identify a realistic goal, and develop a strategy designed to meet that goal. Once retained, our legal team could help negotiate a fair plea deal or make legal arguments to exclude evidence relevant to your case. Call Berry Law today to learn more about how we may be able to help you.

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