When investigating an alleged crime, federal law enforcement will look into several people who may have a connection to the incident. Even if a federal agent has contacted you, that does not necessarily mean you are the suspect.

If you are concerned about your status in an Omaha federal criminal investigation, talk to an experienced defense attorney at Berry Law. We can help you determine why the federal agency is interested in you.

How Does Law Enforcement Classify Parties in a Federal Criminal Investigation?

If federal law enforcement is assessing your potential involvement in an alleged crime, they could classify you as a target, subject, or witness. Depending on the status the prosecution assigns you, you may be facing potential charges. However, the federal government may simply be trying to get information from you.


If you are the target of a federal criminal investigation, the law enforcement agency is working to file charges against you. The federal agents are likely looking for the probable cause they need to arrest you.


The subject is not necessarily the sole focus or target of the investigation. If you are classified as a subject, the prosecution may be examining some suspicious behavior you have exhibited. However, you are probably not the main person they are pursuing charges against.


If you are a witness, the federal agency believes you have valuable information about the alleged crime. For example, the law enforcement officer may believe you say a drug transaction take place.

However, you can be a witness even if you did not see the alleged crime. You might have simply seen something that supports the premise that illegal activity took place. If you work in a bank and saw a suspicious transaction in an account but did not actually see the person who made the transaction, you might still be considered a witness. The legal team at Berry Law has extensive knowledge of the federal criminal justice process and can help you understand the different statuses in an investigation.

Determining Your Status in an Investigation in Omaha

You will not always know the position you hold in a federal criminal investigation, but there are steps you can take to deduce what your status might be. For example, you might take note of who has been contacting you and the types of questions he or she has been asking.

If you are a person of interest in an ongoing federal criminal investigation in Omaha, a law enforcement officer could contact you and inform you of your status. However, this is quite rare. Even if a federal agent tells you your status, you should not automatically believe him or her. The officer may say you are only a witness, even though you are actually the target of the investigation.

Your status can also change many times throughout an investigation. So, even if the officer was telling the truth when he or she first informed you of your status, something may have changed since then. Our hard-working legal team can help you ascertain why the federal government is looking into you.

We Can Help No Matter Your Status in an Omaha Federal Criminal Investigation

If you are unsure of your status in an Omaha federal criminal investigation, get in touch with a seasoned attorney right away. The proactive attorneys at Berry Law can help you prepare whatever is coming and answer any questions you may have about the criminal process. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation with a legal professional.

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