Omaha’s rapidly changing weather conditions can be dangerous for drivers. Therefore, it is important to learn about ways to prevent Omaha bad weather accidents.

A knowledgeable bad weather car accident lawyer can explain methods you can use to stay safe on the road under any conditions. In the event you are in a car crash caused by inclement weather, an attorney from Berry Law can help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

What Causes Omaha Roads to Be Susceptible to Bad Weather?

Omaha is in the Missouri River Valley meaning many parts of the city are built on hills that can make driving in poor weather dangerous. Nebraska is also known for having rather temperate weather during the winter with brief periods of extreme cold that can result in black ice that can be dangerous for drivers.

There also may be periods of freezing rain and ice in the winter. Because of Nebraska’s freezing rain and ice, combined with Omaha’s hilly terrain, Omaha is more susceptible to bad weather accidents.

Avoiding Crashes

There are warning signs that a driver might have before a weather-related accident occurs. For example, if he or she sees that his or her car has a sheet of ice over the windshield, there may have recently been freezing rain that could be dangerous to drive on.

Nebraska is also susceptible to thunderstorms, particularly in the spring when there is snow melt. This makes it important to keep track of the weather to avoid accidents. If there is a thunderstorm, high winds, or freezing rain, it is important to drive slowly and cautiously.

Changing to snow tires in the winter can also help prevent accidents caused by icy roads. It may not be a cheap investment, but it could save a driver from having to pay a deductible for a claim. Any small action a driver can take in bad weather can help prevent collisions.

How an Attorney Can Help

Even if a driver takes all necessary precautions, accidents can still happen. A lawyer could help someone who was involved in an accident due to poor weather conditions. Usually, in accidents due to poor weather, there is not an at-fault party. That is not always true, but because it can be difficult to establish negligence when bad weather was the cause of the accident, there may be limited avenues of recovery for someone who was injured.

Often a lawyer could help the individual communicate with his or her insurance company to get fair compensation for the value of his or her vehicle. An attorney could also talk to Med-Pay about any medical bills that he or she may have incurred so that he or she can get the necessary medical treatment.

Speak to a Lawyer About Preventing Omaha Bad Weather Accidents

Especially because it may be difficult to recover compensation if there is no at-fault party, it is important to take steps to prevent Omaha bad weather accidents. This can include slowing down in bad weather, paying attention to changing conditions, and purchasing snow tires. In the event that you are in a collision caused by bad weather conditions, an experienced attorney can help. Call Berry Law for a free case evaluation to discuss your options.

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