A large number of rental vehicles travel on Omaha roads every day. Some people use them while visiting the city for work or pleasure. Residents may rent cars when their vehicles are being serviced. Even people who generally rely on public transportation occasionally rent automobiles when they need to get somewhere that is not easily accessible.

Sadly, accidents involving rental cars are alarmingly common. Often, rental car drivers are unfamiliar with the area. Those who do not own a vehicle or drive frequently might also be inexperienced drivers.

After a rental car accident in Omaha, there are often many questions about who is responsible for the losses. If you or your family member recently suffered harm in a crash involving a rental car, you should speak with an experienced car crash attorney at Berry Law. Our team can explain relevant laws, work with insurance companies, and help you pursue a personal injury claim against the responsible parties.

Difference Between Rental Car Contracts and Lease Agreements

Rental cars are vehicles that motorists use for a short period of time. Drivers sign a formal contract that requires them to pay a certain amount of money depending on how long they wish to rent the automobile. Rental car drivers do not own the vehicle they are operating.

Renting a car is different than formally leasing a car. Lease agreements are usually for a period of two to three years, while the renting period is typically no more than a few weeks.

In the Omaha area, there are many small, local rental companies in addition to the national chains, such as Avis, Hertz, Alamo, and Enterprise. Our seasoned accident attorneys will begin an investigation by determining whether the at-fault motorist was driving a rental car, identifying the rental company, and reviewing the terms for the contract.

Insurance Issues Specific to Rental Car Accidents

The major difference between personal vehicle accidents and those involving rental vehicles is in insurance coverage. In wrecks involving private or leased vehicles, you will typically seek compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance. In rental car accidents, more than one insurance policy can come into play.

Anyone renting a car in Omaha must have insurance. If you own a car, your own personal automobile insurance policies will generally extend to protect you in the event of a rental car crash. Alternatively, you can pay extra when you rent a car to obtain coverage directly from the rental car company’s insurance provider.

If you were driving your personal vehicle when a rental car struck you, a skilled attorney can help you recover compensation. We can review the relevant insurance policies to determine the benefits available to you. If the driver purchased separate coverage from the rental agency, you could be eligible for compensation from both the driver’s personal insurance company and the rental agency’s insurance company.

Meet with an Omaha Attorney After a Rental Car Crash

Rental car accidents in Omaha often involve complicated insurance issues. Determining who is financially responsible for your injuries is not easy. Consequently, it is crucial that you work with the right attorney.

Our team of lawyers is here to help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact Berry Law today to schedule a free consultation and get started with your claim.

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