All motorists should have their undivided attention on the road. However, in today’s busy world, that does not always happen. Many drivers attempt to multitask while behind the wheel.

Truckers have a greater responsibility than the average motorist to drive safely, given the amount of damage a tractor-trailer accident can cause. Consequently, if you were in a distracted driving truck accident in Omaha, you may have a strong case against the negligent party. Our experienced local attorneys at Berry Law can walk you through the steps necessary to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent motorist or his or her employer.

Types of Distractions

There are many types of distractions that can lead to dangerous auto collisions. The three main types that we see in accident cases are:

  • Physical – Any activity that requires a driver to take one or both hands off the wheel can affect that person’s ability to steer and safely operate their truck. Eating a sandwich is an example of a physical distraction.
  • Visual – When a trucker takes his or her eyes off the road, it is a visual distraction. Turning to look at a passenger in the backseat is a type of visual distraction.
  • Mental – When a trucker is thinking about something other than driving, he or she can lose mental focus. Speaking to another person on a cellphone poses a mental distraction.

Texting is one of the most dangerous distractions, as it requires physical, visual, and mental attention. If you suspect that the truck driver who hit you was distracted, our skilled Omaha attorneys can investigate the accident to determine what happened. We will examine eyewitness statements, evidence from the crash scene, cellphone records, and information from the truck’s data recorder.

Consequences of Distracted Driving

When truck drivers are distracted, they can cause many different types of accidents. Some of the most common are sideswipe, head-on, and rear-end crashes.

Sideswipe Accidents

Truckers who are not paying attention are more likely to run out of their lane and hit another vehicle. The force of this type of accident could push the smaller car into another automobile or completely off the road.

Head-On Collisions

Losing focus while driving can be particularly hazardous on two-lane roads. A trucker may drift over the centerline and crash head-on with another vehicle. The force of impact of a head-on collision with a multi-ton commercial vehicle can cause catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

Rear-End Crashes

Drivers who are not watching the traffic patterns on the road are more apt to crash into the cars in front of them. Rear-end collisions between two vehicles of similar size may not result in severe injuries. However, rear-end crashes involving trucks can result in life-changing injuries to the occupants of the smaller car.

When truck drivers are distracted, they can cause serious accidents. No matter what type of collision you were in, our lawyers are here to help you fight for compensation.

Call an Omaha Attorney After a Distracted Driving Truck Accident

Dealing with a legal case after a distracted driving truck accident in Omaha can be difficult. Often, you have to deal with the trucking company and its insurer.

It is best to work with a legal team that is not afraid to stand up to these large companies. An experienced attorney from Berry Law will fight tirelessly to represent your rights and help you get the compensation you need and deserve. Contact our office today to get started.

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