Given their height and weight, trucks are more likely to roll over than smaller passenger cars. For this reason, the federal government carefully regulates the trucking industry. Still, negligent drivers have the potential to cause severe rollover truck accidents in Omaha.

If you suspect a negligent party caused the collision you were involved in, a determined truck accident attorney can help you understand your legal options. The attorneys at Berry Law are here to fight for your right to compensation.

Common Causes of Rollover Truck Accidents

Though tractor-trailers are more likely to roll over than cars, these accidents typically only occur when someone commits an act of negligence. One of the most common causes of rollover wrecks is driver error.

When a truck operator is speeding, it is much harder to maneuver the vehicle. Attempting to turn at high speeds can cause the tractor-trailer to tip over. Improper loading can also lead to a rollover accident. For example, if the trailer of an 18-wheeler is loaded unevenly, the vehicle is more likely to roll over.

In some cases, the trucker’s negligence may not be the cause of the accident. For example, if a negligent motorist in a passenger vehicle drives recklessly near a semi-truck, the trucker may be forced to use evasive maneuvers. This could cause the larger vehicle to tip over.

Inclement weather could also be a significant factor in rollover accidents. No matter the cause of the wreck, it is essential to reach out to an Omaha attorney after the incident.

Risks Associated with Rollover Wrecks in Omaha

There are many risks associated with rollover accidents that are not present in other types of tractor-trailer collisions. When a large commercial truck tips over, it could fall on top of another vehicle or a pedestrian. This could lead to severe injuries.

Additionally, a rolling truck is much more likely to have cargo flung from the trailer. These objects could fly into other vehicles or pedestrians, causing multiple accidents near the main collision site. Due to the severity of rollover accident injuries, you should retain a hard-working lawyer who will fight for your legal rights.

Steps to Avoid Rolling Truck Collisions

As a driver, you can take many steps to avoid getting involved in rollover truck accidents. You should also maintain an appropriate following distance near 18-wheelers and avoid traveling in the operator’s blind spots. It is also important to use your turn signals and avoid unexpected movements near trucks.

That said, defensive driving will not always prevent an accident. If you were in an unfortunate collision, do your best to take photos and gather as much information as you can about the other parties involved. A local attorney can help you pursue compensation by filing a legal claim against the negligent driver.

Contact a Lawyer After a Rollover Truck Accident in Omaha

Personal injury lawsuits can be difficult to handle, especially if you are still recovering from severe injuries. At Berry Law, we have experience handling rollover truck accidents in Omaha and can help you hold the at-fault party accountable.

We can conduct a thorough investigation of the accident and ensure the other party does not destroy evidence. Contact our office today to set up a free consultation with a member of our legal team.

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