There are unique aspects of wrongful death lawsuits that make them stand out from personal injury cases. To ensure you maximize your chances of securing justice for your loved one, you should work with an experienced wrongful death lawyer.

While there are numerous lawyers in the area, not all are equipped to handle your case. Be mindful of these tips when hiring an Omaha wrongful death attorney.

Does Your Attorney Have Experience Handling Wrongful Death Cases?

Experience is one of the vital qualifications for any attorney in a wrongful death lawsuit. That said, not all experience is equal. There are countless attorneys who have practiced law for years but have never taken on a wrongful death case. That is why it is important to seek out relevant experience.

Finding an attorney with relevant experience involves asking them about their track record. For example, you should ask if he or she has handled many wrongful death cases in the past. Additionally, you may want to know whether those cases were resolved through settlement or trial. These questions can help you uncover whether an attorney has a track record of success in wrongful death litigation.

Finding Compassionate Legal Counsel in Omaha

A wrongful death lawsuit is not just any type of civil case. These claims involve the unexpected and traumatic passing of a loved one. While it is vital to have a lawyer with the skills to succeed, it is also important to seek out compassionate legal counsel who understands how difficult this time is for you. The right attorney can relieve some of the stress of a wrongful death lawsuit and provide you with the chance to grieve.

Importance of Having Direct Involvement in the Lawsuit

Not all attorneys are directly involved in handling the cases they take on. This is common in larger firms, where a senior attorney brings on a client then hands the case over to an inexperienced associate. At Berry Law, you will have a seasoned attorney working on your wrongful death case from start to finish.

Experience with Seeking Personal Representative Status

In many states, the surviving relatives of a deceased person have the inherent right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. That is not the case in Omaha. According to state law, only the personal representative of the estate may move forward with this type of legal action.

That does not mean the surviving relatives are barred from having a say in the case. If the decedent’s will does not nominate someone to serve as the personal representative, the court will decide who fills the role. If you have recently been appointed as the personal representative, it is best to hire a lawyer before initiating a wrongful death case.

Hire an Omaha Attorney from Berry Law to Discuss Your Wrongful Death Case

Given how difficult the loss of a loved one can be, it is important to find an attorney who can reduce your stress instead of adding to it. The right legal counsel can help you pursue compensation while offering the compassion you deserve. Hiring an Omaha wrongful death attorney is the first step in obtaining justice for your loved one.

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