Many sexual offenses require individuals to register as sex offenders if they are convicted. If you are facing sex crime charges in Omaha, you could be forced to register as a sex offender with the state upon conviction, in addition to other penalties such as imprisonment and/or fines.

It may be difficult to obtain employment, and you may lose access to your children if you are listed in the Omaha sex offender registry. A sex crimes attorney at Berry Law can pursue the most effective strategies for your case and fight to achieve a positive outcome in your case.

When is Registration as a Sex Offender Required?

Many sexual crimes make it mandatory for someone to register as a sex offender in Omaha. These can include:

  • Sexual assault
  • Child enticement
  • Solicitation to commit a sexual crime
  • Incest involving a child under 18
  • Kidnapping a child under 18

Depending on the date of a person’s conviction, they may be required to register as a sex offender for criminal conduct such as murder, stalking, and false imprisonment.

Length of Registration

While a person’s sex offender status may be temporary in some cases, certain crimes mandate that the individual remain on the sex offender registry in Omaha for life. For most misdemeanor sex crimes, the individual must register as a sex offender for 15 years, according to Nebraska Revised Statutes §29-4005.

In the case of sex crimes that carry a jail sentence exceeding 12 months, the mandatory period of registration is 25 years. Finally, when someone has been convicted of a sex crime previously or was convicted of an aggravated sex crime and incarcerated for more than 12 months, they must register as a sex offender for life. The lifetime sex offender registration status also applies if the person is registered for life elsewhere in the country.

Ramifications of Sex Offender Status

The ramifications of Omaha sex offender status far exceed the requirement to register with the state. A registered sex offender must maintain their registration for as long as the judge orders, or for the rest of their life in some instances.

It may be difficult for a someone with sex offender status to obtain the residency and employment they wish. Oftentimes, local laws prohibit convicted sex offenders from being in close proximity to locations where children are, like schools. If the individual decides to move out of state, they will be obligated to register with that state and adhere to any requirements that the state imposes.

Learn More about Omaha Sex Offender Registry from an Attorney

As a registered sex offender in Omaha, your status on the sex offender registry could be a burden for the rest of your life, resulting in a loss of freedoms, privacy, and social standing. If you are facing criminal allegations of sexual misconduct and are unsure of where to turn, an Omaha attorney can provide the aggressive legal representation you need to fight your charges. To discuss your legal options in a confidential consultation, call Berry Law today.

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