While any injury that requires medical attention can serve as grounds for civil litigation, particularly severe injuries can make for especially complicated cases. When an injury has catastrophic effects that are expected to last until death, any ensuing civil case will need to seek compensation for both past and future losses.

Working with an experienced Papillion catastrophic injury lawyer can give you the legal firepower you need to get full compensation for your injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney at Berry Law can offer the guidance and support your catastrophic injury claim needs to be successful.

What Injuries Are Considered “Catastrophic” in Papillion?

While state law does not establish a specific definition of “catastrophic” for the purposes of civil litigation, the term is generally used to describe injuries with long-term, life-altering consequences. Catastrophic injuries can cause substantial physical or cognitive damage – or a combination of both. For instance, severe head trauma may cause permanent cognitive impairment, diminished motor function, and changes in personality.

Catastrophic injury cases generally proceed the same way as other civil claims. You must prove legal negligence by the defendant and demonstrate specific losses to recover compensation. However, these cases generally differ in the types of damages that may be available for compensation, as well as the amount needed to account for all accident-related losses. Fortunately, one of Berry Law’s attorneys can build a demand package that accounts for all past and future damages related to a catastrophic injury.

Pursuing Maximum Recovery for Catastrophic Losses

Since the effects of catastrophic injuries typically last for years, if not until death, any subsequent lawsuit should pursue restitution for damages which have already occurred as well as those that can be expected to occur in the future. This can include economic and non-economic losses.

For example, a person who suffers permanent paralysis in a car crash caused by a negligent motorist would have grounds to seek compensation for all emergency medical expenses in the aftermath of the accident, any income they lose from missing work, and vehicle repair or replacement costs. They may also recover the estimated value of future home modifications, in-home medical assistance, and rehabilitative care.

Likewise, legal counsel can help determine the value of non-economic damages like diminished enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, inability to participate in hobbies, physical pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. Assistance from a lawyer in Papillion could be essential to proving civil liability for a catastrophic injury and obtaining maximum compensation for past and future losses.

Work with a Papillion Catastrophic Injury Attorney at Our Firm

Catastrophic injuries can change the course of your life. Given the immense personal, psychological, and financial effects of a catastrophic injury, the first thing you should do after receiving medical care is retain legal representation from a seasoned professional.

With help from a knowledgeable Papillion catastrophic injury lawyer, you can effectively seek maximum compensation for the injuries you or your loved one experienced. To schedule a free consultation with a skilled attorney, contact Berry Law today.

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