Getting attacked by any kind of dog can be a traumatic experience. In addition to the physical injuries sustained from a canine bite, you may also have to worry about diseases like rabies and some psychological trauma.

Fortunately, state law allows dog bite victims to file suit against the animal’s owner and pursue compensation with the help of a diligent personal injury attorney. By retaining a skilled Papillion dog bite lawyer, you can improve your chances of recovering compensation for losses you suffered as well as future damages you may suffer as a result of the injury.

Strict Liability for Canine Attacks in Papillion

In most personal injury claims, a plaintiff must prove legal negligence by the defendant to recover compensation. In practice, this involves proving that a duty of care existed between them and the defendant, that the defendant subsequently violated that duty, and that the defendant’s breach of duty directly resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries.

When a dog bite results in an injury, however, you don’t have to prove legal negligence to hold the animal’s owner responsible for your damages. Since dogs are considered personal property under Nebraska Revised Statutes §54-601, owners bear strict liability for any injuries their pets cause by biting someone else, regardless of whether the animal had a history of aggression.

That being said, a dog owner cannot be held liable for injuries their animal causes as a result of provocation or trespassing on the owner’s property. If necessary, a local dog bite attorney can contest any allegations of contributory negligence made against you to help maximize your damage award.

Recoverable Damages Following a Dog Bite in Our Area

A dog’s owner is financially responsible for any damages their animal causes by biting someone else. Recoverable economic damages in canine attack claims typically cover emergency medical bills, but they can also include expenses for rabies treatment, lost income, and damage to personal property.

You and your attorney can also pursue restitution for non-economic damages like psychological trauma, physical pain, and loss of enjoyment of life. Depending on the circumstances, long-term losses like permanent scarring could be factored into a claim as well. A well-versed dog attack lawyer in Papillion can review what losses are eligible for compensation in a settlement demand or civil court case.

Learn More by Speaking with a Papillion Dog Bite Attorney

Unlike other states with “one-bite” rules that give leniency to dog owners who were unaware of their pet’s tendency for violence, courts in our area allow canine attack victims to hold owners strictly liable for bite injuries, regardless of what prior history of violence the dog did or did not have. Because these cases work so differently from other personal injury claims, it’s a good idea to seek legal guidance before filing a lawsuit against a negligent dog owner.

A knowledgeable Papillion dog bite lawyer at Berry Law can work tirelessly on your behalf to help you get full compensation for your injuries. To schedule a consultation and discuss your legal options, call Berry Law today.

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