When you are facing criminal drug charges, your freedom is on the line. With the stakes so high, you cannot afford to forego the legal advice you need. A Seward drug lawyer could fight for your interests both in and out of court.

By building a strong defense and advocating aggressively for your rights, a dedicated criminal lawyer can work towards a better outcome. With strong legal representation on your side, you may be in a better position to challenge the charges that you are facing.

Drug Charges in Seward

The Federal Controlled Substances Act categorizes controlled substances into distinct schedules based on their addictive nature, danger to the public, and permissible medical uses. Drug schedules range from Schedule I to Schedule V, with the most addictive and dangerous drugs falling within Schedule I. The schedule of the drugs can have a large impact on the specific charges, along with a variety of other factors.

Other factors that can influence the charges include:

  • The amount of the drug
  • The nature of the crime
  • Prior criminal charges

Other factors may also impact the charges and resulting penalties. For example, if a crime involves minors or occurs in specific areas, such as near a school, charges and penalties also may differ. A drug lawyer in Seward could assess the strength of the evidence in drug cases and build a defense based on the specific facts of the case.

Interstate Drug Trafficking

Although drug offenses may be prosecuted under state or federal law, federal drug charges can occur when the crime occurs on federal property or involves federal agents. Perhaps most commonly, federal drug charges result from crimes that span more than one jurisdiction, which puts them in interstate commerce. The interstate nature of these crimes causes them to fall within federal jurisdiction.

Interstate 80 crosses the state, providing a convenient thoroughfare for the flow of drugs from western states through the Midwest and the rest of the country. Particularly since Colorado, California, and some other western states have legalized recreational marijuana, there has been a steady flow of legally purchased cannabis through Nebraska to other destinations.

Law enforcement authorities are aware of this drug activity, and, as a result, may be overzealous in targeting alleged drug traffickers. Law enforcement dominates I-80 and may unfairly target vehicles that appear to be suspicious, including many cars with out-of-state licenses plates. This can lead to illegal traffic stops, searches, and seizures. Therefore, individuals facing interstate drug trafficking charges may want to consult a drug attorney in Seward for advice about potential defenses.

Consult a Seward Drug Attorney for Advice

Possession of even small amounts of drugs, other than marijuana, are likely to result in felony charges. A felony conviction on your record can be detrimental to your employment opportunities and remove some of your civil rights. To reduce your chances of a drug conviction, it is critical you reach out to a Seward drug lawyer for advice.

In many cases, the collateral consequences of a drug conviction on your personal and professional future can be more severe than the penalties for the crime. Call Berry Law to schedule a consultation and learn more about fighting the charges you are facing.

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