Car accidents can have devastating consequences. When the crash is the result of another’s negligence, however, you can hold them accountable and get the compensation you need for your injuries. A Seward car accident lawyer can help you file a claim. With the help of the dedicated injury attorneys at Berry Law, you can make sure you have the resources you need.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

General negligence is the cause of many car accidents in Seward. A person’s negligence when driving a vehicle may cause injuries to others. For example, someone may run a red light or stop sign and rear-end another vehicle. Sometimes, slick roads also play a role in a car accident in Seward. Distracted driving and texting are other common causes of car accidents.

Driving under the influence can also lead to a car accident, and it greatly enhances the chance that a crash will happen. However, regardless of the specific cause of an accident, anyone injured may be able to seek compensation if the accident is the result of another person’s negligence.

What to Know About Car Crashes in Seward

It is important to consider contacting an attorney after a car accident in Seward. A person should not settle his or her claim until he or she understands the extent of any injuries, and that might not happen for several weeks or months after the crash. An attorney can also help review any settlement offers to make sure they are fair.

It is also important that the injured party sends their bills through his or her Med-Pay coverage on their car insurance policy and/or sends them through their health insurance carrier. They might decide to send them to the insurance company of the at fault party. The at-fault driver’s insurance company will pay them eventually, but not until they are ready to settle the case.

Sometimes, a health insurance policy is secondary to a person auto policy. The health insurance carrier will not pay the individual’s bills until the medical payments coverage from their auto policy is exhausted. Having the health insurance carrier pay the bills upfront is not always an option, but it is worth a try. If that does not work, the person could still go through their Med-Pay.

A Seward Car Accident Attorney Can Help

In Seward, Nebraska, one of the most important reasons to contact a car accident lawyer is to avoid pressure from an experienced insurance adjuster who wants the injured person to settle his or her claim quickly for a small amount of money. The individual may think he or she is fine but may not realize the extent of his or her injuries at that time.

Another reason to contact a lawyer is the large amount of paperwork and the complex rules regarding the insurance and subrogation, a process for reimbursing one’s insurance company for the bills it covered. For example, a person’s health insurer pays his or her medical bills after he or she is injured in a car crash. If the person gets a settlement, that insurer has the right to be reimbursed for the money it paid out. Many people are not familiar with subrogation. They might get a settlement and spend it when their health insurance company is entitled to reimbursement for paying the accident-related bills.

In addition, a lawyer can help find insurance coverage a person did not know he or she has. For help with your case, reach out to a Seward car accident lawyer from Berry Law for a free consultation.

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