Montana has ben on top of my case from the get go and keeps me informed every step of the way.


    I recently worked with Carey Collingham of Berry Law to get some legal questions/concerns resolved. Carey was very knowledgeable and was very easy to talk to; he explained everything


    I would like to say that I am ecstatically satisfied with the representation I have gotten being a client of Berry Law. I am even more pleased with the timely and thorough representation from attorney David Hoeser.


    Berry Law and team are second to none when it comes to representing Veterans who are in need.

    N.R. (Client of Stephanie)

    I was assigned to Attorney William Kurtenbach, he was always very professional in the case. He was always looking for the best way to help me in my case.


    I was represented by Mr. Loukota on my appeal for VA Disability. I was treated courteously, and I always felt that my case was important. I received 100% disability, and my life is better for it.


    I am grateful to Berry Law. You are helping me get my life back on track. They got my disability percentage from 10% to 90%.

    A.O. (Client of Emily)

    Matthew Knipe was my world class attorney. Matt handled my case like a champ from start to finish.


    I’ve worked with Seth Morris and it has been worth every penny! I am a fan of this law firm in general!


    Berry Law is like no other I have seen before, they are professional, diligent and responsive. Highly recommend them.

    D.B. (Client of Cameron)

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